Agency website filing is illegal

"our professional agents for the record, the speed of ultra fast, one minute to get." Recently, in a number of forums and e-commerce sites, the emergence of a website to help people quickly filing. These postings have claimed that due to the Ministry of information industry, the recent policy adjustments, it is difficult for the general website through the record, but they can help the site record success, and up to a few minutes to get. In this regard, the Shanghai communications administration official said, the site for the record process still unobstructed, remind the individual owners do not plan to leave their troubles and.

website is also the fastest one day

pat online, the reporter saw a called "Jie design studio" seller "website for the record / quick record / one minute record" has become a commodity, and a detailed description of the condition of the deal: "live station" that never had prepared the case of a website, Zhong Gaoding, cost 20 yuan is a station; and the user has been submitted but no record of the success of the site, known as the "dead station", ten minutes, the price rose to 50 yuan. Dead station filing more cumbersome, takes 10 minutes to pass, the cost is $50 a station. As long as the buyer to provide the name of the site, domain name, the name of the person in charge of the site, the record for short.

According to

2005 MII (now Ministry) measures for the administration of Internet information services issued "(hereinafter referred to as the" measures "), all sites placed in the home server must be filed, and the processing time in twenty working days. So, these provide "one minute quick record" service person is how fast?

according to the Shanghai communications administration relevant personage introduces, last year, around the pipe and the Ministry has found such problems, the reason is that the filing system website there is a loophole, the same subject with a record number can be simultaneously applied to a different domain name website. The so-called one minute record of success, in fact, in the old record number to add a new domain name. However, after the discovery of loopholes, the Ministry will soon be repaired, as long as there is a change in the domain name, will show no audit status. This is also a "admit fast filing service" customer service, he told reporters, it is not possible for 1 minutes for the record of success, the fastest in a day, the slogan "one minute record" is just a gimmick.

use agent may be broken network

the tongguanju to remind reporters, at present these so-called "online filing agency" service are in fact illegal operations, according to the "measures", the record must submit valid documents including the host unit name, nature, number, head of unit, person in charge of basic information, the server placed multiple information, and "the agency filing" will not be so much information to the applicant. As a result, even if the applicant can record at the beginning of success, but once tongguanju found the information is incorrect, the filing number will be canceled immediately, and notify the ISP access off the network, not only is "empty"

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