Google was named the world’s most valuable brand apple Microsoft followed

Google was named the world’s most valuable brand Apple followed by Microsoft Sina Technology News Beijing time on September 10th morning news, the British brand value consulting firm Brand Finance today announced the 2011 list of the world’s most valuable brands, Google, apple and Microsoft ranked three a.

Brand Finance assessment indicators include both the advantages, risks and future potential relative to competitors, including financial data, political environment and economic changes over the past six months.

Google to $48 billion 200 million this year, the world’s most valuable brand. Apple replaced Microsoft ranked second, brand value increased by 33%. Microsoft ranked third.

Brand Finance explained in a statement Apple’s valuation changes in detail. The statement said: Apple’s success, from innovative design, high consumer loyalty and excellent marketing capabilities. It is natural to think that, after Steve · (Steve Jobs) left, how Apple’s brand will be affected by the. However, with the implementation of the company’s innovative culture, Apple will still occupy an important position in the market."

in addition to the above three companies, poor performance of the U.S. banking industry, Bank of America and Wells Fargo brand value is beyond HSBC. But McDonald’s, Nike and Coca-Cola and other traditional giants still occupy a higher ranking.

emerging markets such as China and India, both in terms of the number or value of enterprises have been greatly improved. Chinese enterprise is the highest ranked China Mobile ranked thirty-first, followed by thirty-second ICBC, forty-second of the Chinese Construction Bank, sixty-second of the Chinese bank, seventy-second of the China Agricultural Bank, ninetieth of the oil, and ninety-eighth of the China life insurance.

In contrast to

, European companies have done badly, Spanish companies have lost 13% of their value, and French companies have fallen by about $5%. (Yan Fei)

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