Stationmaster net broadcast Ali opened fire on the Liu Qiangdong conference why UNQLO home

1 social network marketing for God "Mahatma" smooth return of  

in the industry generally well versed in "four points, six points and the movie", often because of a large number of high-quality film and marketing "suck" and defeat. With the year released "time 4" and "open Gardenia" compared to "journey to the west" the return of the king and the absolute is "suck".

but this is not a few months ago, a few people have heard of the film these days, but in many people’s circle of friends brush the screen. For a long time strongly recommended expectations and friends of domestic animation form a violent confrontation in people’s hearts, curiosity let the movie box office rapid counter attack. All of this "phenomenon" of the marketing effect from people questioned: this cartoon is how to light the social media, and how to use the Internet against other big movie Xuanfa


2 could not bear to look, "UNIQLO" crisis PR unqualified  

the evening of July 14th, a video message in micro-blog Sanlitun’s heat transfer, then in the WeChat video sharing and friends spoof follow, in the early morning of July 15th, UNIQLO Sanlitun has been popular in the network video portal. Although Sina micro-blog early topic has been removed, the video source also being destroyed. But it’s hard to contain the discussion and picture sharing.


around the video door is planned or emergency event marketing and brand related controversy continued, I was longing for the truth, always want to pay attention to as unable to escape the incident on the UNIQLO brand marketing will be how to respond, from nine a.m. to start, every ten minutes to refresh the UNIQLO official micro-blog. 10:19 on July 15, 2015, UNIQLO official micro-blog finally responded on the matter, and close the comment on the response function.

3.Win 10 free upgrade strategy to make the situation worse for Intel  


will launch the Windows 10 free upgrade at the end of the month, this is good news for Windows users, but the long-term partners of Microsoft Intel bad news.

reason is simple. Every time Microsoft launches a new Windows operating system, many consumers will buy a new computer to keep up with the configuration. But this time, Microsoft free Windows 7 and the system to upgrade to Windows 10, many users will simply upgrade the software, without upgrading the hardware.

this means that the entire PC market sales will slow down, all computer parts manufacturers – including the manufacture of PC chips Intel – in the coming months may be a decline in performance.

4 Wang’s sense of crisis: if you think you can sleep without any anxiety of words based on

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