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1.Lending Club raised the issue price: the highest fund-raising $808 million  

is the world’s largest P2P net loan platform Lending Club will be listed in the week, due to institutional investors active in the company on Monday will be the issue price range from the previous 10-12 $12 $-14, according to the number of issued 57 million 700 thousand shares, corresponding to the maximum amount of financing from 635 million dollars to 808 million dollars.

Lending Club program on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) listing, stock trading code LC. It will become the largest U.S. capital market this week, the largest body of IPO (IPO).

2007, P2P network lending platform Lending Club for helping lenders and borrowers to bypass the big banks, directly through the Internet lending to fame. Lending Club existing investors including Google, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & venture capital institutions; Byers, T. Rowe Price fund and asset management giant BlackRock (BlackRock). Since its inception, the company has contributed more than $6 billion in loans.

2 senior friends Liu Yaohong: suitable for the domain name is worth registering  

news December 8th, rather than spend a lot of money to invest in a relatively cheap domain name, domain name registration has become a way of many investors with limited funds right, while those in the batch layout a gangster domain name will be very in favor of domain name registration. So there are those who want to pay attention to the domain name registration? Liu Yaohong, a veteran domain name.


domain name investors, general manager of Hunan Honglin network Liu Yaohong, hand holding,,,, and other hundreds of all digital domain, and also had respectively 188 thousand yuan, 180 thousand yuan price to sell the domain name and In the domain name list of Liu Yaohong, the majority of non mainstream domain name suffix, is expected to have a lot of its batch registration.

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" CEO "red" unspoken rules " 

recently, WeChat circle of friends is the two event scraper, one is "rich headstrong, one is 90 niubable CEO. I do marketing, do not pay attention to the things themselves, they are very interested in the law behind the sudden burst of red. These two things is a spontaneous burst of red, one is the speculation red, but the development path of the two is very consistent. Today is the two routine carefully, complete operation method of event marketing to show you.

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