Putian era ended how to change the capital and the nternet this year private health care

editor’s note: in the past two years, the Internet and cross-border integration of the real economy is accelerating, from the transformation of technology, channels, business model, strategic transformation and so on, the Internet will bring profound changes to the traditional industry? The traditional industry "Internet plus" will launch a series of reports on the status of science and technology Tencent at the end of the year, involving finance, real estate, culture, tourism, sports, medical, energy, manufacturing, retail and other areas, from the perspective of traditional industries to provide the analysis and Thinking on the value of Internet practitioners.



Yimin Han Technology TencentA judicial interpretation of the Supreme People’s court

nearly two days of revisions, causing concern in the medical industry.

December 19th, the Supreme People’s court announced the latest revision of the "judicial interpretation" of the crime of illegal medical practice, delete the original "personal" run without obtaining the practice license of medical institution "medical institutions" belong to the illegal practice behavior rules.

other words, physicians in the registered medical institutions outside another local medical practitioner, or after his resignation, after retirement in any local practice, if not "medical institutions license", also not to be held criminally responsible for the crime of illegal medical practice.

whether public hospitals or private hospitals, doctors are one of the core competitiveness of the medical institutions, regulators will gradually more practice to legal background, the judicial interpretation of the supreme law of the crime of illegal medical update, will further relax the doctor group.

this message is not only a good doctor group, from the perspective of patients means that the incremental increase of labor way for doctors and medical services, the entire health care system especially private medical system, means more business opportunities and operational space.

Although in recent years, Putian

triggered public events affect the outside cognition for the private medical system, but in fact, in participating in the capital predators and Internet power, non public medical system has been re shaping.

regulatory levels continue to release positive, huge investment prospects in the medical industry, as well as new technologies brought about by the Internet, are injected into the non-public health system more possibilities.

is slowly changing in the public health care system at the same time, the development of non public health care system, to solve difficult and expensive, will also be in real life, more and more influence to every ordinary people.

private medical system is not equal to the Department of Putian

social capital to do medicine is not new, but in the past two years, the non-public medical industry has shown a more rapid development momentum.

according to industry insiders, in the past two years, the rapid development of non-public medical forces, Putian is no longer the main force of private hospitals. Regulators continue to release positive is a major cause.

January 9, 2014, the national health and Family Planning Commission, the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine jointly issued

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