Can not afford to do single Larry domain Three spell counter attack to be optimistic

renamed China ( November 17th hearing, if the phonetic domain accounted for more than half of the country in the domestic market, so that half of the country are basically belongs to a single, Shuangpin domain name. Compared to the two scenery, three spelling domain name is not optimistic about the industry. But the day before, the "micro office" domain name sale price of 150 thousand yuan in the name Chinese a platform, let the people of the 3 spell domain name three spell domain name to sit up and take notice,

counter attack?

is reported that micro office 3 spell domain is a well-known domain name investor Guo Jianguang manually registered. Speaking of Guo Jianguang, his hand can be traded over a lot of fine three spell domain name, for example, was sold to him at the price of $9999 Maybelline, and the cost of the domain name is only a few dozen dollars. At present, Guo Jianguang hand now holds "Zhongguancun", " Spring Snail", "World Cup" a number of boutique three spell domain name.

three spell domain name was hated

compared with single and simple spell spell a domain name, domain name three spell length on the obvious disadvantage, in the domain of meaning, spelling and meaning of double single variety, can be derived from different meaning, range station naturally is relatively large, while the three fight is a clear meaning of the domain name that is easy to a certain industry firmly locked, most of them can only be used to build a type of website. For example, by brewmaster network acquired "poly wine" is only suitable for the wine shop site, abandoned three to fight, instead of the letter


figure: Shop No.

because of these two reasons, three pieces of domain name in the market has been less popular together, Larry domain, and has even been ignored, but with the domain name this "mineral" investors are more and more single and double spell mining, had already been registered domain names are empty, and the price is also rising, a lot of meaning a good domain name is to let investors and start-ups "patients".

, for example, when the peas had just set up, because can not afford to Larry domain second choice three spell, until now to grow, with money, it will buy

three spell domain play counter attack

but Larry domain rising prices and over saturated situation, also let people put their attention to the three spell domain name. Three spell domain name although slightly longer, but if the meaning is good, but the problem is "the length", and the meaning is clear is the disadvantages and advantage in limiting the use of >

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