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1 WeChat total lift squatting tide or forced to name or title

WeChat recently conducted in 2014 the last wave of product adjustment, the concern is named "the number of certified public deregulation", two certification rules involved in relevant content although the relaxation of the name of the certification restrictions, can not be the same rules also gave the name of the certification through large provided protection, but also made a lot of small drill the rules, the name of the large-scale cybersquatting "unauthorized" large ones, such as "a" and "visual records", malicious cybersquatting phenomenon continues to expand by their large concerns.

this, WeChat aspects to the Beijing Youth Daily reporter, said that if there is a user that WeChat public platform has been certified public name violation of their legitimate rights and interests, complaints. After verification, we will be forced to name or title infringement account processing.

2.2014 technology heavyweights: some people have recorded and people feel chained and thrown into prison can’t sleep


2014 has gone, but the circle of science and technology of this year amidst the winds of change are still visible before the eyes. In this year, science and technology circle bigwigs have scenery, someone is dim; someone who love the cause of double chained and thrown into prison. They are not necessarily in the rivers and lakes, but rivers and lakes has been their legend.

Ma Yun: proud, topped the Chinese richest man

September 19, 2014, Ma led Alibaba listed on the NYSE in the United States, the market value of the day to break through $200 billion. Subsequently, Ali launched green shoes program, raising the total amount of more than $25 billion, which became the world’s largest IPO. Ali listed by the impact of Ma wealth soared. According to Bloomberg data on the 12 day of this month, Ma’s total wealth reached $28 billion 600 million, in one fell swoop to become Asia’s richest man.

3 network transmission SARFT new regulations: also let watch TV?

at the end of last year, "SARFT" outer limit order "landing next year overseas drama in the domestic delayed half" news speculation but strange is raise a Babel of criticism of, but SARFT said the matter heard.

storm in this matter has not been in the past, there have been rumors about the new regulations SARFT, is simply to give up the rhythm of the tv.

4 from 49 million 640 thousand yuan said: those who underestimated the word domain name  

January 4th news, according to foreign media news, company recently announced that the domain name has and the online gaming community, to $8 million, the price of about 49 million 640 thousand yuan sold to Unibet Group company, once again shows the English word domain status.

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