Baidu Robin Li foreign nternet Co in Chinese market was down to earth

news agency in Hongkong on 13 January, (reporter Huang Yiqi, Li Qiwei) the Asian financial forum held in Hongkong on 13, said Baidu founder, chairman and chief executive officer Robin Li to discuss the opportunities China theme, past many foreign Internet Co to enter the China market did not succeed, mainly because they do not regard the study as an independent China the market. Foreign Internet Co to Chinese "down to earth" to understand the local market success.

Robin Li pointed out that the rapid development of China’s Internet industry. For example, e-commerce business, and now China’s e-commerce accounted for the proportion of China’s retail and e-commerce accounted for the proportion of u.s.. E-commerce in the United States each year to 10 percent growth rate, while China’s e-commerce growth rate of 70% to 80%. You can imagine a few years to ten years, China e-commerce accounted for the proportion of total retail sales will be substantially more than the United States, then look at the China Internet market, or the entire Chinese economy will have great changes.

China’s rapid development of the Internet industry, into people’s lives, and began to affect other industries. Robin Li pointed out that, in addition to the retail industry, more and more traditional industries in the future or the mainstream industry will be a huge impact on the internet. For example, the impact of the financial industry by the Internet is also obvious, funds, insurance, or banks are studying how to better integrate with the internet. The future of the Internet gradually into other industries in China, there is a huge business opportunities.

in the past many foreign Internet Co tried to enter the Chinese market, but failed. Robin Li believes that the main reason is that they do not really take China as an independent market research, many practices are taken for granted. The probability of failure in doing business in China is very high. China and the United States two market differences, the need for a completely different approach. If you want to enter the China market need to understand the local situation, "down to earth".

"China Internet field has a very popular word is" down to earth ", if you do not understand the situation and the specific, it is difficult to gain a foothold in the market." He said.

Robin Li also pointed out that in the foreign Internet companies want to enter the mainland market share, while Chinese Internet companies will go abroad.

he said that China’s Internet companies have gone out, but not out of the U.S. market. Because the United States has a very strong Internet Co, but other countries do not have a very strong market there is great potential for development. For example, Baidu is currently in Thailand, Egypt, Brazil, Indonesia and many other countries have their own branches, some of the country’s market share is not low, the penetration rate to 20% to 30% level.

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