Lok network closed 1 months said the news is expected to resume next week

industry insiders believe that shutting down in January has been the basic camp away from the first camp, I am difficult to restore the vitality of the music network, invested tens of millions of dollars in investment risk losses will be very heavy. , one of the top three video sites in China, (www.56.com) has been closed since June 4th. The company’s explanation is that all video data is being maintained, and the system on a large scale upgrade". However, a number of video industry insiders told reporters that up to 1 months of shutting down because of its strict supervision of video content.

although the responsible person will adhere to open the site in the near future, but the industry believes that January has shut down its basic and banished from the first camp, the company strength is difficult to restore, in which tens of millions of dollars of venture capital loss will be very heavy.

website operators believe that this incident to the industry, including hundreds of millions of venture capital sounded the alarm.

day visit rate decreased by 80%

"we are now recovering time has not been determined, specific can see our website announcement." I love Beijing market director Bai Jie told reporters yesterday. From the beginning of June 4th, the company suddenly closed in June 9th, the website can not log in, issued a statement, said the current video data are for all maintenance, and large-scale upgrade of the system, and said the web service will be resumed as soon as possible.

up to 1 months can not visit the site has caused a large number of users loss. Alexa data show that the company in the June day visit rate fell by more than 80% of web traffic ranking from 3 months ago the average of 110, dropped to nearly 1000, a large number of users to competitors, including potatoes, Youku and other rival.

, one of the country’s top two video site official told reporters that a long time can not be normal access to the site is a blow to the business. For a simple example, prior to the potato network had accepted the 1 day of passing the punishment, so short a day of 1, the flow of its competitors Youku has a wave of rising, not to mention the 30 day.

jishizixun Internet analyst Yang Ke believes that the video site is still in the "circle of users and expand the business model stage, the user has a strong loyalty to the test. Web users tend to be clustered, and they may not come back again when they leave me to build a new circle elsewhere.

200 million yuan venture is stuck with

I love the rise of the network is almost the same period with Youku, its founder, the current company CEO Zhou Juan is a lot of fans called China’s most beautiful CEO". Zhou Juan graduated from University of Science and Technology of China prior to 6 years of work experience in NetEase, the successful operation of the NetEase’s personal home page, e-mail and other products, in May 2005, she officially quit my network.

is now the most anxious in addition to Zhou Juan, including the company’s entrepreneurs, there may also be >

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