Build network red Sina micro blog launched short video author support program

with the Papi sauce, Skm breaking sound, Ercoli Lee, who quickly became popular, the short video economy intensified, is undoubtedly the most efficient way to attract social networking powder, but also spawned the birth of a number of network red.

these two days, Sina micro-blog also withdrew from the short video author support program.

This is the Sina

then before another support program from the media plan, although some netizens commented Papi sauce is not replicated, but if the field has a similar Papi sauce, presumably is excellent.

short video economic trends

a "2015 mobile video applications industry report" shows that in all mobile video applications, a minimum number of short video applications, accounted for only 6.1%, but the user substantial, an increase of 401.3%.

look abroad, foreigners have long been playing so.

short video is very popular with users, open the phone can be recorded, all kinds of App can be very convenient for video editing and editing, but also add a simple special effects. In this case, all has the ability to imitate, funny ability, performance ability is activated".

efficient suction powder, the threshold is very low, which is the reason for the short video by the so-called content entrepreneurs sought after, but the fire is also questioned the death of death.

on the gold content of Papi sauce advertising

some time ago, Papi sauce has acquired 12 million commercial investment, also by professional bodies gives 300 million yuan worth of valuation, not only that, also began to auction the first advertisement on its own, attracted major manufacturers stampede in.

8000 yuan tickets and the estimated

staggering up to tens of millions of first advertising revenue, seems to have proved correct judgment Luo and Papi sauce.

but it was also said that he would never buy Papi sauce advertising. Tens of millions of dollars can make popular stars, such as angelababy, Hu Ge, Yang Mi and other stars of social media promotion or endorsement. And, Papi sauce video has been sought after, but no one is paid, that is, not sure how many fans will be willing to pay for her. Once commercialized, fans will be so keen on it?

of course, this is something we still give time to test.

network is about to subvert the star star brokerage

many sites began to let the nets to advertise, even Taobao is no exception.

in 90 seconds long ad, a second for a face of the speed is really dazzling, amazing number of red is undoubtedly one of its biggest boo.

is a business and the young Reds communication force, this will be Taobao in July this year, August, eleven, Double Twelve activities and so on.

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