Adsense gospel VPS host to open up the new silk road

came to the end of 2008 as summer goes and winter comes, the twinkling of an eye, the pages of history and will open a new page, the market development of the wheel as a change of technology change rapidly in the industry, IDC (Internet Data Center) business is also in constant development and change. Last year, we are still looking forward to the most anticipated new technologies and new products in 2007, and this year we will soon witness the upgrading of these products. We are optimistic about the last technology, VPS is undoubtedly very brisk.

virtual machine is unstable and hard task, independent host is too expensive, as a property right to use! Search for "VPS" in the Google search engine, you will see many overseas VPS service information, VPS as a new market needs to have a "host revolution" of the cyclone in china. At present, many domestic service providers have launched VPS service products, according to the Chinese name manager Xie Yong said, sales of VPS host is good, strong growth momentum. VPS can not completely replace the traditional virtual host, but there are still many low-end users, but VPS has all the advantages of independent host, and independent host than cost savings for operators, it also saves the independent electricity costs, therefore, this technology is worth promising market prospect.

virtual private server (" Virtual Private Server" or " VPS", SWsoft;) is the use of Virtuozzo virtual server software to create a number of isolated small servers in a physical server. No need to install any operating system, these small servers (VPS) itself has its own operating system, its operation and management is the same as the independent server. Virtual private server to ensure that all resources for the user to the user exclusive, the highest quality of service, allowing users to enjoy the price of virtual host independent host service quality.

of small and medium-sized enterprises, small business users and high-end virtual machine users is the most suitable for the use of VPS. The small and medium-sized enterprise official website for general enterprises are introduced, at the same time to accept some simple online ordering business, small business website users is mainly an online mall like, so don’t need much space and bandwidth, but the server must be stable, otherwise the customer see the site dropped go bad. This type of user is not very sensitive to the price, and the purchase of virtual host stability is not good enough to buy an independent host is too wasteful, with VPS is the most appropriate. A virtual host, even to the hard disk again, is not enough for these high-end virtual machine users, because to get control of too little, but stability is still a problem, in addition, the user may have a certain technical ability, want to install some security settings or change components the server on the server, VPS is more suitable for the user.

it is reported that China recently

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