Classified information website domain name The annual inventory ganji com 1 years heavily to buy tw


years of hard operation, year-end inventory, what is the harvest? A year later, the network of each big website this year there have been some things, or the acquisition or enable domain is constantly being exposed, recently Ganji community network enabled, melon seeds, is to become the end of go to the market this year, the focus of concern, what are the


market advertising wedding dress he red donkey nets


believes that in February this year, the Chen Yao took a donkey to the market or the ads should be impressed! At that time, this one is true and false advertising attracted the "donkey nets" dispute made in the network domain was raise a Babel of criticism of the people network, registered and launched the "donkey nets". People borrow this advertising received very high traffic, but this can also direct short-term, ultimately, the people of the donkey was silent in the limelight after. Ganji in the advertising event, spent a lot of money to buy a domain name after the experience, also made some adjustment strategies.

58 city rivals by the experience of the registered keyword


as everyone knows, Ganji biggest rival 58 city, brand promotion process, but "abandon prejudice" 58 city to learn the experience, in May this year, the 58 city 58 city please Yang Mi endorsement advertising, advertising appeared in the "magic website" domain names, such as the magic magic web site, domain name have been holding 58 city protection.

58 city brand marketing strategy and domain name, is undoubtedly "a head-on blow" to Ganji, is also so greatly affected the after the new domain name platform marketing, eat a pad, wisdom, Ganji in the marketing process in the future, but attaches great importance to the domain name, is not the money to buy the domain name to the station.

market split short rental business heavily to buy the domain name


October, the industry came Ganji has acquired a low-key "ant" Larry domain domain name, then jump to the market’s short rental platform, then at the beginning of November, the independent enabled launch ants short rental platform, web page LOGO also changed, domain name of previous owner Department of Beijing Mayi interactive network company, April 16, 2007 Hongding venture had to holdings of shares "ant community domain ant community, mayi.c>

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