Where will you be in five years

product manager, where will you be in five years? This is a question with no absolute answer. But here, the author provides you with some thoughts about the future. The future is unknown, it is more of a "rainy day".


before an article "product manager, five years later, you will lose it" has aroused heated debate, I would like to talk about this topic.

One of the striking differences between

product managers and other professions is that the bottleneck of skills is obvious. Logic analysis, communication skills, trained elite graduates, as long as the smart, with professional product managers will not have much difference. Quick skills to write documents and use tools such as not to mention.

a lot of really valuable, hard work, in the position of many product managers are not easy to reach. The company’s strategy, the framework of the product is mostly the boss set; the impact of product sales and user active work, it is to do the operation. From the business point of view, there are fewer full-time product managers directly lead the entire product line team, compared to the technology and operation easier. We often hear about CEO, CTO and COO, but have not heard that several companies have CXO (chief experience officer) or CPO (chief product officer).

in some companies, the product sector is simply to support the sector, as the administration, manpower, and undertake the task to complete the demand. The product manager here, to be able to contact the core business, produce more value, as difficult as the executive and human.

at the same time, the product manager’s management needs are limited. Product managers are divided according to the product line, often each product line needs leader, without the need for a total product line of the person in charge, or more from the business or technical aspects of the person in charge. Therefore, a lot of product managers career will be difficult to move after three years. If you do not consider other way out, contact with other work, it may really be consumed in the above.

and do not say what the product manager will do five years later, I would like to talk about what I saw a few years of product managers are doing what the five.

1 product line leader, project leader W

W has worked in a company for five years, product manager, graduated from the beginning did not change jobs. He personally experienced the rise and fall of the company, watching the massive users rose up, and gradually lost. Relying on the company is still relatively hard brand, W switched to the rapid development of the unicorn company is responsible for the overall work of the main line of products, management of all products, design, technology development, operational matters.

in fact, after three years of work, he has been in charge of the original part of the company’s commercial work. These jobs are more or less with the operation involved, not the past he was familiar with the user experience. Unfortunately, the commercial It is all up with he took, these experiences to the new company to try. In his view, do not do the work associated with the operation >

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