Promotion of professional qualification training website line

in recent years, more and more types of occupation qualification examination, the number is rising year by year, enrollment of students is still the main basis of training institutions to survive, at the beginning of the training institutions have been fully prepared for, do propaganda, I hope to recruit more students. Luban exam network based on many years of industry practice qualification exam training experience, summed up the following admissions ideas for your reference:

, for the main site, this is the practice of many organizations, the candidates to the test center will sign up, but also the provisions of this time. Most training institutions will be in this period to the examinee queue of people sent leaflets, but have to be tactful. The first list must be printed, now this time or before a two-color printing paper will immediately be thrown away. Second, do not be a simple advertising, pure advertising like the ad in the forum as soon as the discarded. The best introduction brochures, price lists and teacher training institutions, training institutions and service features and advantages. If it is a brochure, you can also add a number of questions or simulation questions over the years, so I believe that we will not throw away.

, two course coupons, a simple point, do a fine course coupons, above a "hold the course ticket discount 200 yuan, contact, start time and so on. At a glance, I believe there are still a lot of people interested in.

three, the production of free publicity, the price is high, the effect of general, but the advantage is not easy to be rejected. The general is necessary test pencil and eraser, pen, we find a number of custom manufacturers have their own brand on the site for free on the line. The above marked with a certain training institutions to provide, contact Tel: 010-xxxxxxx,

four, on-site release experience courses: this may be the best effect, you can make the course of the previous year’s MP3 cd. Free distribution. But note that the key point is to give students an encrypted CD, we should put the courseware with WinRAR encryption, and then released at the scene when we tell you this is the password to play, this scene I think you can get N mobile phone number, then go back with SMS tools like for everyone to extend the password. Students must be very happy. The scene did not get the phone number to call him in our CD phone. Caller ID. You still know how to contact him.

five, free courses: free courses is also a good way, after all, do training courses is everyone’s attention, but do not say that such a teacher free open class. Free audition, satisfied with the payment, this thing now, with a lot of free bluff bodies, ignoring you. Be sure to get a "test case analysis" or "so"". There are media friends to engage in a media support. So that students must think there is something real. Worth a visit.

through the above methods, I would like to believe that you have received a large number of student information, with the contact information of students, students have the Greek

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