Network marketing needs to combat

network marketing is a practical technology. It is difficult to say how much of the network marketing theory, but the things involved are very complex.

I have recently read a number of published online marketing books, to tell the truth, most of the theory is too strong, low combat. Sometimes it can be felt that a professor is sitting in his study, imagining the problems that might be encountered in the operation of e-commerce websites, rather than the real problems encountered by people who actually run the site.

many Chinese universities in the teaching of e-commerce and network marketing courses, how many teachers have to teach the national network marketing courses. But these teachers, how much is the actual combat experience? Writing people, how many have website operation experience? If people teach itself no combat experience, is nothing more than holding textbooks and most materials are also echo what the books say, without any practical experience to write, you can imagine what practical students learn how much.

I always like to network marketing and cooking analogy. That theory, the two line of business also can speak a little, but in fact, the theory and practice is very far, and this is not the same as mathematical physics. It is important that the chef cook personally, personally, to master the furnace. Read more books, see more recipes, did not cook, or do not know how to do.

see some of the network marketing book will have exercises, I think a little coke. How the network marketing, not in multiple-choice questions can be tested. Able to speak ten network marketing practices, it is better to personally practice a more effective way.

network marketing must combat. Look at this book, from the beginning to the end to see five times, it is not as good as you run a website experience, encountered problems to solve the problem. Only build a web site, try to develop a website, you can meet every kind of real problem, encounter various temper loving customers, the difficulties encountered all sorts of strange things.

when you encounter these difficulties, if you can think of the contents of this book to write, and try to introduce the skills used in your site above, use once, you can remember a lifetime.

if you read this book, I feel very good, but never the idea of running their own site. I’m sure, after three months, you’ve forgotten all about the book.

network marketing, website operation, both a very high challenge of fun, but also a must be mastered in order to combat knowledge. So please read this book, immediately to learn what to use on their website. If you don’t have a website, build a website as soon as possible.

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