The user experience first do the way

some time ago 1 yuan CN storm, to sweep meters, hit a few meters double the number they cook, including my hand this is rotten rice. Why to sell a stink? Oh, hang out there AD too. Of course, in the end to find a place to look at the AD, or the purpose of writing this stuff is not clear.


we can’t do that. Just make a website system, simply change. OK, what kind of station do you want to do?. Think, do stand is my weakness, must avoid those complex problems. I do the work of writing, often write some of them do not want to see the modern eight shares. Well, do I like the site! Soon, one or two days, standing on the well, the data collected. Among them, there are some practices and ideas, come out to share with you.

, a station without the use of a picture, including traffic statistics with text, improve access speed.

two, ZhengZhan with black and white, black background, white text, giving a strong impression. (a small amount of highlighted text in red)

Three, remove the

register those things, there has not been registered, not much significance.

four, all pages, including the home page, category pages, content pages, put the search box.

In the end,

five pages, are placed on the same table, are published in the next article, in this paper, the collection, copy, user.

site put up for one or two weeks, the current traffic has a IP of more than and 300, and the 67% is from Baidu. Feel good! Although most users stay time is not much, but I believe that with my efforts will be better, will put the money back to the space and m


finally, tell us why this "bad" meters?, manure and straw, but you can not smell? Never too smelly, with roots with a little while, ha ha! I stop: fecal and grass Network — the most convenient document writing network, please see the webmaster a matter of conscience to help support weapon and what places to improve, in order to maximize the convenience of


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