Smart webmaster should know the promotion of new words

soft appear is not late. The reason is that the new vocabulary, because most of the individual owners to promote their role as well as operability and not too much recognition, and therefore often ignore the highest cost of advertising promotion means – Marketing soft.

from the previous case, the successful example of the soft is too much, of course, the first should be physical products. Some people on the Internet type of soft text summarized as four.

1 is the first suspense. Usually this kind of title should be a new and strange event with a question mark to attract the reader’s attention, which is widely ignored by clicking browse. For example, "who stole the 9999 roses?" "there is a mermaid in the sea?".

2 is the story of the second. For example, "120 million buy out the secret of" secret "behind the scenes" Yang beauty Title case.

3 is the promotion of the third type. The title "× × sell crazy" "marvel, × × product rush to stampede stampede four people, two seriously injured" and so on.

4 is the news of the fourth, is our common product news. Such as × × product news, etc.. Of course, the company’s products may be the media reported spontaneous.

if you look at the title can not see the difference between soft and ordinary posts online. Here the biggest key lies in how to combine the advertising and articles clever and effective. Popular, the most basic step is to imitate, is how to imitate the most natural posts. Because ordinary posts can also contain products or advertising.

is the basis of writing at this time should pay attention to structure of the soft, although a variety of methods of writing structure and entrained advertising forms, but in general, the soft is only divided into three structure, find an attractive topic of life, two by the topic of life natural transition to products or advertising, three summary life topics to hide ads. One of the most outstanding is the beauty of the soft handle, can reveal the proper benefits of advertising benefits at the same time, no significant mountain Water Leakage. For example, a title for "husband, don’t give up smoking to wash the lung.". From the title of the post, this is the length of the family to quit smoking. But in fact, this is a smoking cessation product advertising, then post, will explain the harm of smoking wife and husband, stubborn, and nagging recounted how anxious, how to ask for her husband to quit smoking method, finally found a very effective products to help the husband to give up smoking. Finally, family together with wife. Remember that advertising must be natural, like the usual narrative. Do not exaggerate or use unnecessary words blindly exaggerate the performance of the product.

write good soft Wen, you can let your friends to see, until your friend see the first time will not find this is advertising, and feel that the readability of your soft Wen on the success of the.

soft Wen

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