Bucket meters part time for forty million B round of financing led Gaoling


technology news October 19th news, today announced the bucket meter part-time for $forty million B round of financing, at the same time fighting m founder and CEO Zhao Shiyong summed up the development process, a bucket of rice years, he said, the future will be committed to the service on a bucket of rice million people, will strive to achieve so that millions of people in the first bucket of rice to find work.

Zhao Shiyong bucket bucket a year of data, the current monthly mobile users, the cumulative number of service businesses 500 thousand. Online coverage of the country, the line has 23 teams in the city.

the bucket meter part-time B round of financing investment, including Hillhouse capital, Tencent, Baidu and the new hope group, A round of the old shareholders Gao Rong capital and investment capital with Blue Lake. This round of financing by the Huaxing capital acted as exclusive financial advisor. In addition, part of the A wheel bucket meter also includes 58 other investors, venture capital market group light and light capital letters.

Zhao Shiyong said, "the future is committed to serving the bucket of rice part-time million part-time users to get B round of funding, and will be in the existing products and services based on the increase in product development, professional talent, market and other aspects of the investment, and strive to achieve to make millions of people in the small target bucket meters find part-time work." (Anne)

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