Why planning special activities ineffective

a lot of planning to do a lot of topics, copy with a lot of copy, but the final effect is very general. We often see the topic, but you can not see. If we say that we do not have a special effect, it seems that the work of our team is meaningless. So, we are doing a special topic is necessary to consider the significance of this topic, whether there is an effect. Today, Chen Chen will together with you for the next planning special activities ineffective


generally speaking, we plan a special purpose of the activity is very clear, because there is no target, we do this special activity is meaningless. Secondly, we have to take into account this special event is expected to achieve a what effect, no requirements out of the topic is no one to see. Finally, we made a topic really achieve the original purpose, which is the feedback phase, we often find when special problems are in the final, so the early preparation work is very important. Leading to the poor planning of the special activities are generally the following aspects:

, the purpose of thematic activities planning is not clear.

said, we do a lot of topics has two problems: first, no such purpose, do not know why to do this is to arrange the topic, I do it, this topic is generally not a surprise, because you don’t have to, don’t know what you want to achieve the effect of nature there is no standard to consider how to do this project; second, to clear what is special purpose on their own but do lose their original purpose, from the purpose of the plan.

Chen Chen view: every team when receiving the task, must handle well on a special topic, know why to do this project, make clear why to do this project, at the same time, in the whole process of project planning, must highlight the contents of clear solution, grasp the special direction, can not deviate from.

two, special activities preheat activities did not fit well.

in general we do special, there will be such a problem, seemingly on their own people know to do this, but others are not clear, even to you after the activities do not know you have this activity. This problem is of great importance. Because we do a special purpose is to attract the user’s attention, no attention to what is the meaning of it?

Chen Chen view: here needs to say special activities in the early warm-up activities. It is not difficult to find, many large activities haven’t before the line, will use a lot of media publicity, such as the need to do a 3.8 gynecological examination activities, then, can make some posters for the entire community home, activity rules and notice issued to the community bulletin boards, publicity column, especially health. Or the use of some news media publicity, so that there will be a true user >

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