Wisdom advertising you understand the marketing is actually wrong

many people think that marketing is marketing. This is because the word is not good to sell, such as the original home sales into today’s face to face marketing, telemarketing telemarketing. In fact, these are marketing. There’s a big difference between marketing and sales. Many people are looking for how to do a good job marketing, in fact, they want to simply how to sell, rather than marketing.

so what is marketing, what is marketing?

is to sell short, nowadays people need something, for example, people buy rejoice shampoo, then you are two agents, you just need to sell your products to more people. It is characterized by the creation of a demand, just a simple introduction of product sales. Marketing is to create a demand that does not exist before this demand. It is through a method that creates a new demand, which is the real sense of marketing. Is a kind of selling more generalized.

How is the

melatonin marketing

such as melatonin, we all know. Shi Yuzhu how he did? He spent more than 2 months to find a copy of the copy planning team, there is a day and night to create a copy. They have only 500 thousand yuan (do not know if this is too little), then a little money, they create a copy of advertising to impress consumers to create a new demand. And the public to buy his final naobaijin. So Shi Yuzhu’s success is the success of advertising planning. He did not spend 500 thousand to go to the advertising company to do his beautiful beautiful posters, but spent a month to create a copy, and put most of the money to the newspaper to play soft advertising. Why Shi Yuzhu is not to sell melatonin marketing. Very simple, some people say that melatonin is sugar, I did not drink. I think this thing with three strains of oral liquid, before the K a truth. Some people say it’s like brown sugar to water. Oh, this description is appropriate. But is such a sweet, Shi Yuzhu, this is hard to create a demand, he through the soft Wen wrote: one day off (if you are to get out of this article) is equivalent to tens of smoke cigarette, not smoking cigarettes. And twenty cigarettes is equivalent to two packs of cigarettes. His purpose is to make people fear of smoke. No shit and smoke as pure nonsense, groundless. His purpose was to create panic. Not to tell you the use of constipation melatonin, sleep is not good use of melatonin. He was the first to cause you panic. Almost everyone has ever had this kind of constipation. After a period of time on the OK. But he is the first to give you a great deal of uncertainty, and then throw the latest technology in the United states. This is why a lot of health care products appear after melatonin always said that France, Germany, Japan’s space gene technology, nanotechnology, subatomic etc.. Is to give you something you don’t know to scare you and let you go. In fact, you don’t need this kind of thing. But he gives you an inner fear, and then gives you a way to get a sense of security by buying their products to create a new market (if you feel the economy >

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