618 electricity supplier giants than just the price and service they have tentacles extended to the

in recent years, large electricity providers to promote also affects more and more rural consumers this year, Tmall 618 appliance first single, 24 minutes to deliver goods to the homes of villagers, the value of the rural market so why business tycoon? Even opened a special village Amoy channel, expand the sales area, rushing to the author of this article is rural whitewashing? 100 think not the solution, until see this data: the original electricity supplier in the country, is such a big market.

data show that in 2014 the country’s total online shopping market in rural areas reached 200 billion yuan, and rural areas with more than 600 million of the population, with more than one trillion market potential. So, the electricity supplier in the countryside, there are some interesting places?.

1 and the city, young people and women are the main force


even the Sichuan Tibetan area, online shopping is not a strange thing. Young people to play the League of heroes, online shopping, and the level of the village of online shoppers, housewives can not be ignored by a group. According to CNNIC data show that as of December 2014, China’s Internet users accounted for 27.5% of rural users, the scale of up to 178 million, an increase of more than 1 million 880 thousand people by the end of 2013. Urban Internet users growth rate, compared with the end of 2013, an increase of 29 million 290 thousand.

rural electricity supplier greater hope lies in the return of young workers and college students. Amoy on the benefits of the platform, there is a plate for the electricity supplier training, through cooperation with government departments, the organization of the local young people to understand the electricity supplier, know electricity providers, and even able to operate the electricity supplier.

2 last mile is still difficult to reach


Most of the

in rural areas is still in the underdeveloped state, the traffic situation is not convenient, similar to one of four links and SF express company is beyond the reach of remote areas of logistics is mainly by means of China EMS system to complete. The general manager of the Taobao Division North District Rural Ali Liu Xifu cited a vivid example: electricity supplier logistics last station often can not be conveyed to the doorstep of farmers, generally placed in the "every village canteen", is almost to farmers from mentioning, farmers sometimes to work or something, too need to send a canteen boss. Therefore, the electricity supplier logistics in the countryside, the last mile, often the role of the farmers themselves as couriers.

3 rural electricity providers need land


more of the industrial chain sink into the countryside, such as processing, logistics, business and tourism needs to use land. At present, most of the use of rural construction land stock. Rural electricity supplier related to product production, e-commerce, logistics and tourism, etc.. In the context of the development of rural electricity supplier, the production of agricultural products to achieve the part of the professional order

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