Double 11 over six adult returns of nearly 40% suffered first price and then cut

review: yesterday, the Guangzhou Consumer Council announced the 2016 "double eleven" online shopping consumer satisfaction survey report, data show that more than 60% of consumers launched a return of "double eleven" purchase of goods, nearly 4 of consumers said the merchant "first price cuts" situation. In recent years, the third well-known domestic electricity supplier rights platform, China e-commerce complaints and rights of public service platform received massive user complaints about the price.

goods not board as the main reason for return

it is reported that, in order to further understand the double eleven online shopping during the consumption and consumers reflect the views of the Guangzhou City Council in early December this year to the questionnaire in the form of network launched the "2016" double eleven "online shopping consumer satisfaction survey, the survey collected a total of 1252 valid samples, of which 20 to 40 years old young mainly, equal numbers of men and women.

survey data of Guangzhou City Council announced that nearly 4 of consumers "double eleven" online shopping spending over 1000 yuan. However, after carnival, a variety of online shopping consumer problems attendant. Among them, there have been acts of consumer behavior accounted for 63.90%. The goods do not board, inconsistent with the description is the main reason for consumers to return, accounting for 21.87%, the quality of goods accounted for about 18.87%, in the course of transport damaged goods accounted for 17%. Reporters also learned that in the launch of the return of consumers, only less than 5 of consumers said the return of all success. In addition, the seven days no reason to return in the double during the activities are also subject to various restrictions, more than 60% of consumers said to apply for no reason to return for seven days will encounter obstacles or failures.

nearly 40% suffered first price and then price

survey results show that consumers in terms of commodity prices, that the first price and then price, accounting for 37.86%, that the price is not too great, or even increased, accounting for 27.08%. Overall satisfaction from the point of view, more than 70% consumers on the double eleven online shopping that is basically satisfied.

for the first price reduction ", Council said, consumers should choose a regular shopping site and reputable businesses, in the purchase of goods, should carefully review the product description and pictures, a clear grasp of commodity information, commodity information interception parameters of pictures and save and store the consultation records, if the day after the problem can be used as evidence of rights. Found that the goods do not board, you can complain to the third party electronic business platform. (source: information times; text / Guo Suying)

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