Consumers buy fake Taobao is the root cause of their own

11 at the end of 2014, MA in the world Internet Conference said that Taobao is because consumers buy fakes in the greedy psychology. I heard this statement at the same time, in the hope that after the listing of Ali, changed; after the listing of Ma, also changed.


in Taobao – on the eve of a news from the State Administration for Industry and Commerce really hit the face of the LORD: "Caravan SAIC: Tmall Shop No. 1 Lasafo business platform is still selling". According to news reports, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce sampling Tmall, shop No. 1, Amazon and other B2C electricity supplier platform for the promotion of goods on the day of the double eleven, has confirmed the sample of 8 batches of counterfeit goods. Among them, the Tmall 3, accounting for 37.5% of the confirmed sample, ranked first in the other participating in the electronic business platform sampling.

double eleven promotional efforts, cheap, we see. Is it possible to buy fake Tmall during the big promotion because consumers are too greedy cheap



03 years so far, the course of the past 11 years, Taobao can be described as brilliant. First became Asia’s largest network of retail business, and then gave birth to the Tmall and double eleven shopping carnival. Why does Taobao have such an achievement? Personally think there are several factors:

1 to build a payment guarantee system to solve the problem of user payment security, to ensure the safety of consumer property;

2 saves consumers’ shopping costs: time cost, travel cost, etc.;

3 established a consumer evaluation as the center of the word of mouth system, everyone can see other consumers of this product evaluation, to a certain extent, the fight against fake and shoddy products;

4 to create a good shopping experience, buy things on Taobao, customer service is a pro, mostly excellent service attitude. In the case of business default, consumers can also protect their legitimate rights and interests through complaints;

5 strong rally. At the beginning of the founding of Taobao, China’s Internet is just beginning. At that time, most of the Internet are groping forward, but Taobao is able to stare at the e-commerce market, the cake bigger and bigger. No wind, they make their own wind.

of course, I admit, in fact, the last one is Taobao can so successful: at the right time, for their own campaign; insist on doing the right thing. But if Taobao does not support a large number of consumers, how can it go today? So, Taobao to consumers as the center to do a series of optimization work experience, so that Taobao sellers are starting to complain that Taobao is too "eccentric" consumers.

however, MA in the greedy theory behind, I saw some of the expansion of ali.

my personal understanding of Ma’s remarks are: consumers buy fakes is the consumer’s own problems, and I do not have the slightest point Tmall Taobao

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