Domain name registration number is the user said

      according to Beijing Yuyuexinbao reports, according to the domain name registration service level is uneven, individual services are not standard phenomenon, yesterday, the six domain name registration services, network in the power network, Guangdong, new Xiamen, the reciprocity of resources and the mainone company, more than and 40 registrars signed for the first time "Internet address registration services industry self-discipline convention".

convention launched one of the units of Beijing nets CEO Zhang Xiangdong said, individual registration services violations, to mislead users registered Internet address and telephone, fax, e-mail harassment and abuse users of the most prominent to the domain name industry to create a serious crisis of confidence.

is precisely for this kind of phenomenon, the mainstream registration agency initiated the signing of "self-discipline convention". Yesterday, the signing of the registration services to society solemnly made eight commitments, including not to mislead users registered Internet addresses, the user does not stress registered Internet addresses, telephone, fax, mail abuse not harass users, by users registered period, the user can freely decided to transfer the contents of eight.

addition, COM domain name and other foreign domain name system was first included in the field of industry self-regulation, foreign domain name system in the domestic management previously blank.

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