Cross border electricity supplier diversified development trend

China Electronic Commerce Research Center recently released the 2015 annual China e-commerce market data monitoring report. The report shows that in 2015, China’s cross-border electricity supplier transaction size of 5 trillion and 400 billion yuan, an increase of 28.6%. Which cross-border export transactions amounted to 4 trillion and 490 billion yuan, the scale of cross-border imports amounted to $907 billion 200 million.


today, Chinese e-commerce in the world has been in a leading position in Global trade continued downturn trend, cross-border business is becoming the highlight of the electricity supplier. Recently, held in Shanghai, the group of twenty (G20) trade ministers meeting, how to promote the development of e-commerce has become one of the key issues to participate in the discussion of representatives of the conference.

China’s current cross-border electricity supplier is to maintain an average annual growth rate of about 30% rapid development in recent years, the relevant state support policies to encourage the introduction of intensive. The industry said, the industry’s own good development trend, the size of the transaction is expected to continue to expand, coupled with the G20 trade ministers’ meeting will be the first cross-border electricity supplier into the scope of cooperation, bring the policy of another round of catalysis, while per capita disposable income can change the consumption structure brought by the upgrading and concept of consumption demand side, which is expected to become a long-term catalyst factors of the development of cross-border electricity supplier, three driven boost industry development, but at the same time, cross-border electricity providers are facing the homogenization of competition in the "Red Sea".

cross-border electricity providers continue to heat up

G20 summit will be held in Hangzhou in early September, the summit will further promote trade and investment and the related content of Internet world interoperability. Analysis of the industry, cross-border electricity as an "online Silk Road" for the whole world to linkage development plays an indispensable role, the G20 summit is expected to bring new favorable for cross-border electricity supplier industry, cross-border electricity will continue to heat up.

This judgment is not

", cross-border electricity Weakness lends wings to rumours." temperature has been perceived in the G20 trade ministers meeting. China World Trade Center joint conference Secretary General Kituyi said at the meeting, a very important field of Global trade in e-commerce, e-commerce to create jobs and promote economic growth, especially for low income countries.

Singapore’s minister of trade and industry Lin Xunqiang also said that e-commerce can bring benefits to Global trade, but still faces some challenges, such as providing convenience for cross-border payments. It is understood that Singapore’s approach is to use existing e-commerce networks, such as cooperation with Tmall to reduce costs and promote the development of e-commerce.

and participants of the South Korean representative said, should further strengthen and strive to develop cross-border e-commerce cooperation, e-commerce is now a great role, especially in the B2C on this side. However, at present, cross-border cross-border e-commerce payment, cross-border delivery, shipping related data protection on a lot of work to do, the EU has some similar schemes, Chinese, Indonesia, South Korea and other countries have also been carried out in this field.

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