Faced with the temptation to do Wangzhuan novice

now the network, the temptation filled every corner. The biggest problem for beginners to Wangzhuan industry is confused, so that they can not start the tutorial. In fact, many methods as long as a few months or even a year will be successful, but many people do not have this perseverance. This is the reason why many veterans have been warned the couple must have executive power, the executive power, as long as the direction of good most people will succeed. The problem is the network the temptation is too much, today the day to earn 20 tomorrow, day to earn 50, 100, 200 day later, or even 500, so many people continue to transform the direction, but always heat for three minutes, ask how likely to succeed. Wangzhuan industry has never been a novice, then as a novice how to do? The best way is to learn, let oneself become a veteran as soon as possible!! learn from the experience of others, you will make many detours, let you become a veteran of your study in the field of


so much temptation, beginner

do it?

first, choose a correct direction, of course, the most formal course is to do stand, and then optimize the accumulation of popularity, but the process is really very long, it can not insist on. You can also learn SEO, network marketing, network promotion, even you are proficient in Photoshop or poster design or brochure design can make money online, see Witkey website on how many people are there in the sending task will know. The design of LOGO can make money online to make you afraid? So to find the right direction, if the direction is wrong, you will go farther.

second, constantly absorbing the leaders in a higher industry experience, such as SEO will learn more about Wang Tong Cardiff or ZAC or long experience, of course, sometimes is to spend money, you will see the money, of course in the network do not easily give people money, because too many swindlers the.

third, meet your Wangzhuan industry, make some friends, you learn the experience of others is the most precious wealth of wangzhuan. Probably because you are new people are reluctant to talk to you, then you must first learn to pay with their own can provide convenience for them, in this way, you will make a lot of teachers and friends, for your help is great!

fourth, not too ambitious goals, earn thousands of dollars from Japan are expert to earn 20 or 10 yuan or even a day to earn 5 yuan started, not impetuous, don’t worry, your restless heart calm down, down to earth, slowly accumulated. Only the quantity can cause qualitative change, when you accumulate to a certain degree of time, you will reach the realm of Nirvana reborn.

finally give them a warning network, not everyone can make money, a lot of people including 80% have no money, so there is a risk of network,

network need to be cautious!

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