Burned 1 billion hey hey still defeat From birth to failure in the end what has gone through

hey is a big experimental SF founder Wang Wei, some calculations, at least 1 billion investment.

for two years, billions of dollars of investment, nearly twenty thousand people to pay last hey SF off his shirt, what left.

Fixed assets

left no decent, two did not exercise a decent team, three did not explore a mature business model, finally, even a decent lessons are not summed up, it had lost a muddle, was rather baffling.


, the investment elder brother takes you to walk into the hey guest, explores exactly!

hey off Trilogy: courier, electricity providers, convenience stores

May 18, 2014, SF hey off in 2015, officially opened in the country; the SF hey passengers changed its name, the integration optimization of SF, SF express service, etc.. In fact, hey off three stages of development, namely: layout express, explore electricity providers and community convenience stores.

layout is the first express. Hey general location in the high-end residential neighborhood, considering to the residents of the building, upstairs office door to receive a cost too high, so take the user to store, send a piece stores to take back 2 yuan model, maximum save labor cost. The courier is the low business users monthly average of 2 to 3 times, due to the low rate into the shop stores and upmarket residential users deserted, not because of the province 2 yuan to store pickup, they hope to obtain a door to receive a service.


second is exploring electricity supplier. O2O 2011 2012 O2O concept has not yet spread, a combination of online and offline is widely accepted, that SF must upgrade, then explore the on-line SF preferred electricity supplier model, taking into account the electricity supplier belongs to heavy mode, not large area coverage.

third is a community convenience store. From the beginning of 2014, 3000 in the SF hey off stores to carry out O2O, hey, belonging to the commercial department, a staff of 16 thousand people, and the introduction of a large number of retail executives, store display of various commodities, take on-site sales pick up mode, namely mobile end users can enjoy on-site delivery orders after service. Community convenience store positioning so hey hey supply chain costs remain high, store exhibits sales revenue is too small, even with the main courier business income, not enough to support the normal operation of stores.

in fact, conflict exhibits sales and delivery business, eventually hey passenger express mail station + community convenience store + offline experience store location "three-in-one is grotesque, a year down a total of about 3000000000 burn. SF Wang Wei head also profound reflection, "since 2014 SF was founded 20 years of innovation and change most of the year, although a lot of innovation, but in my opinion, almost half is not successful."

, however, is not that hey SF executives failed. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey, hey, hey. Hey, hey. Hey, hey. Hey, hey

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