Olympic year grassroots webmaster how to promote the site

according to the relevant statistics from 2007 to 2008 is the growth of the global Internet, the fastest of the year, in which the development of personal website is the most active and meet the eye everywhere successful case, according to the CNNIC survey, the number of personal websites in China has more than 400 thousand, an annual growth rate of over 50%, 2007 increase more than 75%. But more experts believe that, in order to have a breakthrough in the field of personal web site, and in the era of mass Internet Amoy gold, but also face many difficulties. Then in the 2008 Chinese station under China celebrate the Olympic Games how to open up a new world of their own, occupy a market in the Internet industry, to realize their dream of grass root network.

at present, methods about personal website promotion on the network is discussed on the availability of the innumerable, I don’t want to do too much evaluation, but one thing is sure: a summary of the previous method is correct, but to keep pace with the times. So, in the new period of development as a personal webmaster, how can we promote your website? How to say it directly to the site to bring more traffic, get more pay, I provide some suggestions for reference.

1, content is the last word

this is a commonplace talk of an old scholar in the rapid development of network, but now, you can search for a piece of information may return several content exactly the same, is now website technology is very advanced, the rapid development of CMS, a friend and I joked, like you an hour to fix my website indeed, technology acquisition now has reached maturity, many people don’t take much time to build a large website called, if the acquisition technology in two years ago you learn that you really rich, but the search engine is advancing with the times he is not a fool, just like the past year Marx is the reality of many examples the original good movie website plan to spend money to buy his acquisition system by plucking the alarm, 5A14, x828 and xunleicn are negative examples, originally so good The movie website happened everywhere to intercede, tears also deaf ears, to know the search engine The loss outweighs the gain.! And the Internet love new things, mechanically won’t have good results. Then, acquisition system really is useless now, NO, you should use, do some substitution in the acquisition time, hand mining content, change the title and key paragraph, as will as the new search engine included content. More importantly, the content of the website should be close to the fresh era, may say, it is whether the content can meet the needs of users, whether the forward-looking and whether the one and only (starting), now many webmaster is to follow the trend, but also take the movie website, you go to search for free the film now, (use Baidu Search, find the relevant pages of about 44400000, with a time of 0.001 seconds), you say a piece of him in full of so many people you can get? And there are so many bosses in this cup of soup. Very simple truth. So what do we do?. To be a local web site, China’s greatest pride is a large population, a province, a

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