The 5 most common mistakes

One of the errors in

: flood keyword analysis:

in the optimization of the home page, you can not cover all the possible keywords. We can often see the title of the home page by a large number of keywords piled up. The designers of these sites obviously want to optimize all the keywords in the home page. I’m afraid they don’t know. For example, assume that a web site’s home page title tag contains more than 12 keywords. Let’s take a look at how it works – the most common thing is that none of the 12 keywords can get a higher ranking in the search results. Why? The reason is very simple, because there is no key word to meet the higher ranking required keyword density or repeat number. Especially for those more popular keywords, in order to get a better ranking in the fierce competition, often on the keyword density (repeat frequency) have higher requirements. Web designers who simply list a lot of keywords to improve their rankings will only make things worse. From the point of view of the search engine optimization, the key words will be less effective and less effective.


home page optimization should be limited to up to three key words. If your keywords are too hot, you can only focus on one or two keywords in order to improve your competitiveness. In the home page, title, META tags should focus on the three most important keywords to optimize. Like ABAKUS’s homepage (index page), is around the’Internet Marketing ‘,’ Web promotion to optimize the phrase "and" search engine optimization "these three words, has received very good results.


in the home page should focus on the three most important (and most appropriate) keywords to optimize, and remember that the key word is best not more than 3. If the keyword is a very popular field, then you can only focus on one or two keywords optimization. However, if your business does belong to the category of "targeting the market," then you can choose not more than 4 to 5 keywords to optimize. Make sure that the length of your web page title is not more than 7 words (between 30 and 40 letters). In the web page text should be guaranteed at least three times more than the key words. Do not forget that each page for the search engine is a potential bridge page". So for other keywords you can do the corresponding optimization in other pages, do not squeeze into the home page to optimize, because it will not achieve the desired results.

error two: head (header) in the field of simple copy of the content analysis:

this is the site design because of the natural inertia of the most prone to problems. The most common is when a web designer in Drea>

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