Jiang Likun the blog promotion tips of how to promote the blog

According to the June 2009

China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) Chinese twenty-fourth Internet development statistics report released by the China number of Internet users reached 338 million, of which the blog usage reached 53.8%, that is to say, China currently has more than 180 million bloggers. With the popularization and application of blog, more and more bloggers started to issue such a question: how to make your own blog to let more people know? How to promote your blog? How to become Hot Blog? Today, Jiang Likun will come and discuss the problem of blog promotion.

a blog positioning

if you want someone to look at the blog, and even become famous Bo, you need to have a clear positioning. With the positioning of the user in the search for certain aspects of the content, will think of you. With the positioning, the opportunity to become a celebrity in the field, experts, may have their own brand. So positioning is very important.

You can

from their own interests to determine, but also from work, expertise, industry to locate, even from the genre, style features to locate. In short, we must be clear, it is best to focus on a particular field, preferably in this field is relatively blank (that is, there is no special research on this area of the blog network)

two, blog content

for ordinary blog, can write what you like. But if you want to be a celebrity, you can’t do that. The content of this, there are many skills, but from past experience, the following three are the most important.

1, the selection of skills

each blog theme, should choose as a magazine feature, can be considered from two aspects, one is the current hot events, and popular information content on the subject, the two is the user really want to know, want to know the contents of the theme.

2, the correct layout

layout is equivalent to an article face, equivalent to the interior of the blog. It’s like a restaurant, in addition to food outlets, also need to have beautiful decoration, to provide a comfortable dining environment is a reason for the customer. Here are some of the basic layout rules:

A, the first line of each paragraph two down. The two case here refers to the length of the two characters.

B, paragraph and paragraph between empty line. In order to make the article read without oppression.

C, the correct use of punctuation. For example, the article must use full width symbols, not half symbol, a lot of friends articles often put a comma and full stop playing "," "". Specific we can search the internet keyword punctuation usage, find relevant information to learn about.

D, a small section of the title, and bold. If an article about a number of questions, the different aspects of a small title, and bold headings. Just like this.


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