GREE mobile phone a successful marketing occasion but the huge challenge

GREE mobile phone: a successful marketing occasion

a lot of Internet practitioners should be able to feel, since last year, Dong Mingzhu and Lei Jun 1 billion the beginning of the game, GREE and Dong Mingzhu’s Internet industry news more and more, the topic is more and more widely, and even many topics are personally provoked by Dong Mingzhu in a media interview. For example, before Dong Mingzhu said: millet stake in the United States is the two swindlers together, such as the recent GREE mobile phone is certainly super millet, users do not have to change the phone for three years. These topics are undoubtedly very explosive, the spread is also very wide. The media and users will be the topic as a "joke" conducted active communication, not knowing this in the middle of the Dong sister wanted.

in fact, this is probably Dong Mingzhu occasion marketing plan. The bet with Lei Jun, the success of GREE near millet this Internet brand, which with the traditional home appliance brand GREE, incidentally, also enhance the GREE in popularity among Internet users. In the topic under the guidance of dongdajie, currently on the market as the most controversial topic and most of the mobile phone manufacturers millet, has also become a stepping stone on the road of "GREE brand communication".

and, from the exposure of the picture, this phone is nothing special, even from the appearance, but also like millet. This makes the domestic media seem to have found a little excited, and Dong Mingzhu to enter the smart mobile phone industry on the whirlwind Lei topic, believe in a period of time and can become a people talked about topic. This time, you will think Dong sister silly


come back, we’ll see from Dong Mingzhu and Lei Jun 1 billion gamble, then to step on Millet topic marketing, today officially exposure GREE mobile phone, dongdajie repeated "big show" successfully gained media attention, made a great occasion to marketing. In the process of communication, GREE almost didn’t take what marketing costs, only with leaders of individual performances, won so much attention, dongdajie is a at every step, to achieve its purpose of marketing.

mobile phone market challenges, aimed at smart home

, however, although Dong sister to do this thing, in the early stage of the marketing hype is paving the way, but GREE is facing the challenge of the phone is obviously huge.

is the intelligent mobile phone as everyone knows, the replacement boom is over, as early as 2010 to 2013 this year, the transition function of a large number of users to the intelligent mobile phone, this period is the equivalent of a typhoon intelligent mobile phone, mobile phone is the only millet place in marketing, and let fly millet mobile phone is the head of the replacement boom, a large number of users in the recent years, will feature phone for intelligent mobile phone, the mobile phone for high-end low-end smart intelligent mobile phone.

and into the 2014, the development of the mobile Internet has entered a climax stage, the smart phone market has gradually

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