Buried in functional site promotion experience

recently whim, built a guest accommodation search listings platform (www.no2home.com), my intention is very clear, that is for those who want to travel but also because cash strapped students can set up self-service travel accommodation friends of mutual trust. And let those who used to live in the hotel to a friend to try the stranger home I feel a lot of accommodation. Friends support me to improve the structure and final record to design from the idea. Along the way, it is some of my experience filled with a thousand regrets! And you talk to today, I hope you can teach in


1 website is a test of confidence. I site one day to achieve zero breakthrough, refers to himself in the travel because I didn’t see, so hit a record 0 hits, but until now only 1 thousand. At that time, many of my friends advised me to the site to sell (tell me, before people have a high price to buy, as for who will disclose the), I also thought this step, but think of the way from birth to the present shape (joke), the station is my child ah, you say someone will buy your child, you sell? Then bite, will think of the name words, " again the children can not suffer ah!, be sure to put it up, " so bumps along the way until today I still believe that their station to another useful, beneficial to the society, the more good for the world. My faith has not changed, people say that children will also be 20 years after the success, I have the confidence and patience, let’s look at page views on the

after 20 years!

2 I am really surprised by the link to today. Actually almost all sites Links are visited and PR, regardless of the link to the site and they have no competition, I see 99% are similar and related links in the opponent’s site, do they really can access to all regardless of the long-term interests? So I site to now only 2 LOGO links, in fact their traffic is not high, from the start I don’t intend to rely on links to fight for their visits, but because they function just to meet the needs of members of me. I think the fundamental role of links is to let my users can use the link, so I always think firmly do no complementary relationship links to flow and engage in a link, an upside down feeling, finally we are in a blue sea for common customers, not knowing what day you die the. Indeed you must not let outsiders Tian ", but now this is the water flow everywhere, Datong society also


3, today’s Internet users are lazy, too lazy to go out to buy things, Taobao; too lazy to go out to buy tickets on the ticket, ticket, to enter their information on the Internet is the best choice to fill in the blanks, drop-down menu, but the world which is so smart, one of my friends said, if one day who the invention of the thinking type of remote sensing mouse, that is the best in all the land! We stand one day 20 new members, but the membership information in the information in a total of 20 individuals do not add up.

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