Love it easy to understand it is difficult WeChat marketing how to stand

this year and others to talk if they do not understand WeChat marketing, then it will be peer laugh spray. Yes, WeChat marketing has nowadays was known and by too many people, is not only a professional marketing staff, even ordinary people, doing the work of WeChat marketing, hope that through this platform to earn extra money. But when everyone is crazy to enter the WeChat marketing, doing that very good promotion, you can determine the nature of their own really understand WeChat marketing? WeChat marketing depends on what, what is selling, platform and infrastructure in where, you know? Is not in your eyes in the WeChat marketing is in the circle of friends to sell the mask and watch this? I just want to say without comment, WeChat marketing love it easy to understand it is difficult, if you really want to do this, also need regular understandings.

WeChat marketing should not just mask skin care, the main battlefield

now we open WeChat will easily find that there will always be a few friends around the circle of friends in the business. And the products they sell mostly mask and other skin care products, this has to a certain extent to the outside world a wrong understanding, that is synonymous with skincare product derivative. Although the overall marketing looks perfect, the old with the new, growing, like nets for fish, do not a leak, but in the end who is benefiting? The mask is not expensive, but it is a necessity of life, so as long as the master mask sales skills, easily earning several thousand however, with the expansion of WeChat marketing, but also the business model of WeChat marketing Xiaodaxiaonao give more long-term favorable future? In my opinion, WeChat needs to distinguish marketing mode, also need to adjust the structure of commodity diversification of marketing, just want to through the circle of friends is really bad bigger and stronger.

WeChat marketing to avoid the common problem of marketing, rational use of product advantages

said the rise of truth WeChat marketing is a kind of counter attack feeling, has become the most popular marketing platform, mainly because WeChat huge user groups. But in the face of the exposure area is so impressive, many people are confused and disoriented, understand the WeChat marketing wrong is "advertising campaign", one-sided understanding of advertising in place is the marketing work in place, this will be micro-blog promotion form to WeChat’s practice is not desirable, but this practice is very extreme. Imagine in the circle of friends the most disgusting what, yes, there is no emotional foundation for business, pure advertising will only bring you pull the black, in fact the essence of WeChat marketing what is the emotional marketing, trust marketing and so on, do a questionnaire, a push to send gifts, planning, have promotion, creative, maintenance, the circle of friends of you as my best friend, don’t always want to make money from them, the time is ripe, therefore, the logical nature of money, skills and methods of WeChat marketing on the need to study more, only reasonable use, can avoid the effect of.

recognize the essence of WeChat marketing: brand and trust

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