nvestors in the eyes of what kind of venture capital will be sought after

tiger sniffing note: This is April 13th Morningside capital managing director Liu Qin will vote in the middle-aged speech, as an investor, he was optimistic about the opportunities and market? What is the investment logic? He will vote in what areas? This article may provide entrepreneurs a chance to think that, in what areas of entrepreneurship more opportunities? How to make institutional investors willing to throw money toward your body? The text contained in the Morningside capital public, tiger sniffing performed an abridged.

how to understand the Chinese market today, how to find new investment opportunities, I think this is a matter of great concern to everyone.

if you know our friends, we know that the previous investment history, we in the early to catch some good companies, including Sohu, Ctrip, ninth city, Cdel, ifeng.com, thunder, YY, UC and the back of the millet, if these companies are concerned about these, we capture the A wheel when, they basically along the development of the entire Internet industry context gradually grow up.

the next step in the investment logic: find new incremental

we believe that China’s next opportunity to start up the business and investment opportunities in the first search for new structural effective incremental. How to understand? We are talking about overcapacity in many industries now, said now is not good to make money, excess capacity, many people also said that the Internet is good, we are now investing in other industries are not easy to make money, the Internet seems quite prosperous.

new volume one: consumption upgrade

really the next step in the effective structural incremental, we must think of ways to get rid of the excessive competition brought about by the homogenization of competition. Therefore, we understand the growth of China’s economic growth has several characteristics.

first, Chinese new and the Internet combined with the domestic demand cannot do without the upgrading of consumption, consumers now China is not the lack of satisfied, not lack of the total, is the lack of high quality and difference of things, how to effectively capture consumer demand, I think this is the very opportunity.

, for example, over a period of time we spent a lot of time on Chinese sports industry, sports industry in essence are not satisfied, is typical of the consumer to upgrade the industry, is when people’s income and consumption capacity reached a certain stage, started to pay attention to their health and the body will appear when the demand. And sports is not purely physical health of such a simple thing, for 90, 00 after the new generation of young people, sports will become their main consumption, a generation of consumer characteristics.

look at the concept of development in Europe and the United States, sports elements have become the most mainstream lifestyle of young people, so we put the emergence of the sports industry, the emergence of cultural industries are regarded as a product of consumer upgrades. Secondly, the past two years the sea Amoy vigorous development, but also the product of a typical consumer, so how to find new customers China new demand, there is the opportunity to have a brilliant future.

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