21 investment circle gossip event you should be true

note: welcome. Author Gui Shuguang, a founding partner of the blue angel, from WeChat group, the event is similar, should be true.


1 a woman who likes to invest in female entrepreneurs, often about CEO into his room in the middle of the night to chat, then most of the female CEO with her husband to talk about the project.

2 a fund internal competition (SI) (BI) for serious entrepreneurs with a VP in the cafe just finished talking, another VP was pulled, "you just don’t listen to my colleague’s words, she had no place in our fund, she can not help you what……" Balabala little magic fairy, entrepreneurs stunned.

3 investors to see good project, when directly into VP, this is a happy meet the eye everywhere.

4 entrepreneurs looking for a big talk, chatted for a long time business model, so big confused, entrepreneurs began to talk about their own bitter history, big brother very touched, tears on Entrepreneur’s shoulder, "boy I like you oh".

5 a sister nouveau riche even TermSheet cannot read, always looking for someone to help her share, a successful investment in Internet project, the income is not bad.

6 a nouveau riche enterprise put competitors local venture investing all over again, love to kill.

7 a fund investment decision is too slow, the success of the dead N multi project.

8, we do not understand this project, but we have just arrived in Hangzhou, to cast a red project now, good to play with a small partner in Hangzhou". The reason for this investment is good, the effect is very good, then a lot of entrepreneurs believe that the fund is a good lie".

9 "this project is Wang Haotou, and we want to play with wang". As a result, Wang never participated in the board of directors, not even a WeChat.

10 recently we are watching IP/VR, we have to grab a cast in order to enter this field". A lot of funds is indeed such a field of learning, we can see the high cost of learning. Do you have any reason not to study hard?)

11 to see the day of the project, all do not fly, in the airport lounge to see a man in the BP, the boy you this project interesting ah, in the!

12 a few friends saved tens of millions do angel investment, money in the lead brother account, all the people are very concerned about you recently and sister-in-law feeling okay? "

13 A fund VP look at electricity supplier projects are said, I have a good relationship with a cat high, look at social projects are said, I have a good relationship with a penguin, Barbara said the same as the real. Later, the cats and geese take the initiative to

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