Website Planning Series Discussion on profit model

The birth of

profit model comes from the demand, but does not stop at the demand, only to meet the needs of users is not able to generate revenue patterns.

needs some available free, for example, email, instant messaging and Internet news, search and so on, these are important reasons for Internet users on the Internet, as long as there is free of homogeneous products, the market will be difficult to profit was born, so the profit model can produce first to see whether there is competition in the market.

The development process of

in the history of the Internet in the formation of a user habits, often is the basic services free of charge, such as watching the news, chat with instant communication, the use of electronic mail, search information is free. Internet companies can only be free on the basis of the premise of the service, the number of value-added services charging. For example, Google through the provision of basic search services, gathered popularity, and the popularity of the left side of the ad has a commercial value.

profit model also depends on the user’s demand, is the user’s psychological price, users feel is worth it, if you think the money is not worth, then there will be no income pattern. The last is the ability to pay.

profit model is how to form?

several aspects of the following can form a revenue model (of course, there are other aspects):

1, resource scarcity

first thing is to cause the scarcity of resources. Scarcity of resources, resulting in the generation of value. There is a lot of revenue from this situation, from the marriage website, e-commerce sites, dating sites, portals are so. The scarcity of resources to be the first to form a message or a sea of people, such as dating sites, there are a lot of users in the user to show their opportunity to become scarce, such as web site information, in a variety of mass information, how to get their information by more and more people see, this also caused a scarce.

such as 51 city dating, there is a product called area star, the star of the region to accept the gift amount can be decided in a certain period on the list, each region can only 5 in the list. In this way, the equivalent of a bidding ranking, in order to let many people know themselves, so many people visit your space, or can use a small gift to others on the list, if you want to become a famous community, this is a very good opportunity. 5 places in each region have become relatively scarce resources, the more who accept gifts, who is likely to become the star of the region, and the gift is in need of money, from the list of users to see a lot of gifts, spend tens of thousands, or even tens of thousands of yuan of star of the region are not less, this is equivalent to a personal ad, and personal PPC advertising.

uses this scarcity way to get income is not only 51, like dating sites, such as Jiayuan, has a similar service, such as bright light into the list of charges, list of bright light and list page area, in the light of the list >

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