Simple strokes teach you how to do to promote the flow

with the rapid development of society, whether individuals or businesses, most have their own web site, large and small sites, breaking the entire network world. However, site easy, make traffic difficult! I think every webmaster most concern is certainly: how to promote to earn more traffic? I am network hardware supply and demand China webmaster, in the process of their website promotion, summarizes the promotion of several simple methods, now share with you. I hope to help you.

promotion is divided into two kinds of online promotion and offline promotion.

1, online promotion

as a website promotion, online promotion is the best choice, if the promotion is successful, can be directly to the site to bring the corresponding flow.

(1) mail promotion

collected a large number of related enterprises email address (at the time, we supply network hardware Chinese located in Xiamen, so in the early promotion, is mainly collected in Xiamen area, using the company’s hardware business) the e-mail about this site information or links to the way to the sending client mailbox, bring some traffic to your site.

(2) blog promotion

in the major web sites (such as Sina, YAHOO, Tianya, Sohu, etc.) to build the site’s blog, publish this website related information and links, through their own blog traffic, the visitors to the site.

(3) online forums, BBS promotion

in the relatively well-known Forum (such as Baidu, Tianya, etc.) this forum to promote our website.

(4) network advertising

network advertising is divided into two kinds: one is to advertise on this site. Two is to advertise on the site of others.

in this site to play their own advertising, the need for technical staff in the home page to do a dynamic advertising page, the promotion of the site and the interests of the members of this site fees. This way of promotion, mainly to let our regular members and browse our potential customers to become our website members. Moreover, this kind of advertising does not need advertising costs. In order to further promote the site, we can also go to evaluate some of the relatively large daily traffic, the higher the reputation and the lower the cost of advertising sites, select such sites advertising, to achieve the purpose of promotion.

(5) QQ group promotion

QQ is the most convenient and efficient way to communicate with people on the Internet nowadays, it covers a wide range, the spread speed, in the QQ group to promote this site, you can bring a direct flow.

(6) soft Wen promotion

in the major well-known sites, forums, in order to send the soft Wen way to promote this site, so you can increase the site’s chain, get the corresponding traffic.

(7) links

at that time, we

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