Shop No 1 anniversary celebration of the order behind the explosion of happiness

(speed transit network columnist Wang Yijian) with the timely adjustment of 1 store capacity, by the 5 anniversary of a surge in orders caused by explosion orders will not be criticized by consumers, users can enjoy from the shop No. 1 anniversary double quality service promotion and efficient supply chain brings. Review the shop No. 1 anniversary, in order to bring ruin behind the brilliant performance seems to be more eye-catching, 3.5 times the flow is equivalent to the same period last year, the 711 anniversary of the day, traffic is exceeded 10 million, become the "three new club" members, followed by Taobao and Jingdong, ranked third in the standings business flow to improve the flow, speed, large increase was known as the "shop No. 1 speed".

order warehouse explosion can be called big promotion sequelae, whether it is a Jingdong, Tmall 618 double eleven have caused a large number of orders to the business enterprise warehouse explosion v. but this phenomenon be pestered beyond endurance, shop No. 1 anniversary celebration of the troubles order is rather explosion "happiness" means.

happiness one: accurate insight with new promotions bring new growth rate.

in hot weather in July, go shopping is a kind of torture to the consumer, shop No. 1 is the insight into the seasonal demand for food and beverage catering, launched the "July filariasis, cool summer Shopping Festival", for the necessary air conditioning and fan out "cool summer, hot summer, the price storm" the fruits and vegetables launched the "summer Jieshu Jiapin, many consumers have to hoard" summer essential goods category promotion. On the one hand is to show that the 1 shop back to the consumer’s sincere attitude of the year 5, on the other hand shows that the opening of the shop No. 1 is not just the anniversary of the promotion is to open a new service model in the summer.

, of course, accurate insight requires strong promotional efforts to bring traffic growth. In the shop No. 1 anniversary, do receive free goods, imported brands 100 big promotion, fill in wish to send cars, the half off other new promotional berserk ways to make consumers find everything fresh and new. Many goods are on sale, but the price range is big, far more than the price of the historical record, it is enough to let the consumer to enjoy many preferential brought Shop No. 1 anniversary, triggered a protracted stockpile trip.

anniversary as a compulsory annual electricity supplier, but all in a conventional low-cost means to attract fees, this has led to some consumer price fatigue. Shop No. 1, the 5 anniversary of the precise insight can find the demand, but also to the promotion of new consumers, no wonder the sought after by consumers to bring traffic rapidly.

happy two: order fast processing show a strong supply chain explosion road.

on promoting electric capacity shortage, orders have become consumers criticized explosion. In order to prevent the explosion condition Order No. 1 stores ready, but the anniversary to bring traffic or far more than expected, the anniversary before and after once appeared the explosion caused some delays. Faced with this problem, store 1

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