Characteristics of agriculture will be the next electricity supplier blue ocean

"Internet plus agriculture" rapid development. October 14th executive meeting of the State Council, the development of rural electricity supplier, and then a new deal. Requirements for the deployment of the rapid development of rural electricity providers, for which the country’s total financial investment is expected to exceed 140 billion yuan. Rural market will become the next book, clothing, 3C after the electricity supplier blue ocean market.

said the rural electricity supplier, we can not fail to mention the market of agricultural products. Chinese is a large agricultural country, thousands of years of food culture breeds many unique local products. But in case of poor information traffic inconvenience and other factors, the majority is still in the local specialty "raised in purdah no knowledge of the state. They become the new darling of the mobile Internet era, it is the proper meaning.

senior insiders Mr Lim believes that "Internet plus agriculture" is not simply a sum with the traditional business model of mobile Internet, but the fusion depth between businesses and customers. People have been doing business products, but the quality is not much, there is not much, truly grasp the spiritual essence of the "Internet plus" is very rare. Zhejiang blue wheat Agel Ecommerce Ltd recently launched at APP’s soil is particularly noticeable, pioneered the geographical indication products in the mobile client, groundbreak to a city of a history, a story of a special cultural perspective, to find a famous specialty, find the best business.

what is the geographical indications products?. The definition of national quality inspection administration is given: "from a specific area, with quality, reputation or other characteristics depend on the natural factors and humane factors of the area, approved named after geographical names products. It can be seen that the threshold of "geographical indication products" is quite high. To be able to settle in the soil to take APP platform products are experiencing a time tested reputation products. In addition to high requirements, strict control, in the agricultural business atmosphere, soil net at a high starting point to seize market opportunities. It is reported that soil APP since May this year on the line so far, download over 600 thousand times, a total of about 450 thousand registered users.

if the earth take selection of geographical indication products, in order to create a more perfect shopping platform, then, starting from the specialty of the story behind, looking for the best enterprise is a famous local specialty, is the highlight of the most creative. In the field of specialty electricity supplier is not only the first, but also the only one. Each specialty have inherited the origin of rich local customs, their stories and legends, planting, picking experience, process…… take you back the original products of history and customs, taste the specialty culture feelings, a spiritual journey, tongue memories.

so, take soil APP will give users what kind of shopping experience different from the past? The State Administration of quality supervision and take double check soil net, authentic products, quality assurance; mobile phone APP carry LBS positioning function strong, let the local specialty panoramic view; the price is not a problem, and take the specialty of soil enterprise cooperation, the docking point, save.

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