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in January 2016 the State Administration for Industry and Commerce announced in the second half of 2015, the network transaction commodity directional monitoring data show that the net purchase rate of less than 60%. Chinese electronic commerce research center monitoring report shows that the national network of consumer users in 2015 received a number of complaints related to the electricity supplier in 2014 rose 3.27%, including Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong, vip.com, suning.com and Amazon, Chinese music as millet, jumei.com as the representative of the business platform, the online shopping complaints accounted for 43.74% of total complaints, ranked the first.

Ma has said that online shopping fake is the weakness of human nature, can not be avoided, but the Internet platform is necessary to fake out, as the most important business platform connecting businesses and consumers of media. However, helpless, fake but still "not wild fire, the spring breeze again". Many Internet platform will allow businesses to pay credit gold, but can guarantee the integrity of the original ordinary processing platform? Access to businesses only under the frame of commodity, punishment or title, on the production of businessmen to seal his number at a loss what to do, today, tomorrow to change the number of reappeared river lake, this is not fake but false play.

so there is no good way to fight against fake it? Industry analysis, e-commerce model is an important reason for the proliferation of fakes. The 10000 network original B2Q mode is taken by the third party intervention: businesses are evaluated by professional and technical personnel, inspection of goods. Because the whole system is completed online, this new model requires only a very low cost can give businesses the weight of fraud.


platform enables consumers to "the proliferation of fake false ones, often deceived, purify the integrity management of online shopping market is the responsibility of the Internet platform." The 10000 net CEO Yang Guojian has been regarded as a fake construction of their own platform, after years of painstaking research, accomplished on the Internet platform model. "At present the phenomenon of fake Jinerbuzhi shopping platform, in fact, the reason is that electronic business platform does not adopt a strict management measures. We are not afraid of offending and selling, do not care about this part of the market of fake. Our purpose is to give a good, honest enterprise a pure land! "

he pointed out that businesses will adopt "the integrity of enterprise: Moxing" freeze upload and withdrawal and the trading function, the enterprise product shops at the same time, in the shop page on the cover of "dishonesty blacklist enterprise". To take such a new measure, the platform can provide the integrity of the community to provide reference to the enterprise, the difference between the good and bad, so that these enterprises are also difficult to hide elsewhere." The reporter also learned that the audit 10000 platform for enterprises is very strict. Today there is such a system, "Moxing" may scare a lot of bad business.

analysis of the industry, through the Internet platform for corporate dishonesty "sealed" is a good way. With "Moxing maintains" the legitimate rights and interests of consumers on the integrity of the business, and promote business platform selection of high quality enterprises, so as to form a win-win situation, "

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