How to make the online brand

: marketing like war. As the war to the spectator and the thinker, the newspaper will launch a "marketing" story column in every Monday, carefully combing the enterprise marketing success stories, refining the market practice value of the "market", trying to help you in charge of the enterprise or business you want to find the path to success.

in the financial turmoil sweeping, more and more people choose to join the tide of the network to run their own business, because the network so that they have the possibility of creating their own low-cost brand. So if you made a "network brand", such as how to appear like bamboo shoots after a spring rain online enterprise foothold and sustainable development? With these questions, we recently interviewed the domestic network selling skincare brand "plant language" boss Yu Qiming.

I do not know whether they were forced out of the financial crisis, or was pulled out of the network marketing, anyway, now we are in the role of these two forces, embarked on the road network brand." Yu Qiming said.

and tens of thousands of days to do the product of small boss, like Yu Qiming from Wuxi dream to be able to do their own brand. The Internet gave him the chance.


"this factory was founded by my father, the first is the production of emulsifying machine, which is the industry’s most important mechanical equipment. But then the steel rose three times, a lot of things are not sold out, and now there are a warehouse of $about 3000000 in South Korea orders, people do not end up, the goods do not." Yu Qiming complained that they began to supply chemical raw materials from 2005, and to the downstream development, from the semi-finished products until the well-known brand OEM production.

cosmetics industry threshold is very high, we do the wedding dress for many years for people to create their own brand thought in fact. But a new brand, not to say that no advertising, distribution 889, area spreads Lian Huadong." Yu Qiming followed the usual ideas encountered the plight of transition.


Yu Yu, the turning point in 2006. "There are people who buy raw materials on the internet. Not much, but a lot of varieties, asked only to know that the cosmetics began to pop DIY. I think it is an opportunity, since people sell, why do we do not sell ourselves?" Then, Yu Qiming tried to own in the online open Taobao shop. It didn’t matter at the beginning, but he was shocked by the volume of 5000 yuan a day. "By the end of the year, about one million. This is retail."

market, Yu Qiming most ready to go, with the network launched its own brand – "plant language".

take the traditional channels, 50% of all profits to the channel. For consumers is not worthwhile." Yu Qiming calculations: take a bottle of sixty or seventy yuan of cream, for example, painted on the face will not exceed $five, bottles, packaging, promotion will not be more than 35% of the retail price, the rest of the

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