From 50 million to billions of double can play any more than eleven cards

[Abstract] from 2009 to this year’s national Carnival dance alone, "double eleven" of the artificial Festival has come to "the seven year itch".


Tencent technology Sun Hongchao reported on November 10th

from 2009 to this year’s national Carnival dance alone, "double eleven" the birth of the artificial head Festival, has come to "the seven year itch".

at the beginning of the year, the Ministry of industry and information technology just for China Mobile (micro-blog), China Telecom (micro-blog) and China Unicom (micro-blog) issued 3G licenses, and now through the 4G mobile phone in a ten has become the norm; at the beginning of the year, Obama became the first American president in American history, and today in the eleven pair of cross-border electricity plays an important role.

in the past seven years, this was no concern of man-made festivals (in the inventory of electricity supplier in 2009 events, double eleven barely selected) has grown into large events affecting the electricity supplier industry and even affect the entire retail industry, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba Ma Yun (micro-blog) once said: "the double eleven has become a the way of life Chinese consumers."

but from 50 million to may the hundreds of billions of dollars have been exhausted, the Alibaba may have eleven double exhaust all the skills, the future is very difficult to have a new gimmick.

listen to the silent thunder

2009, excellence and Dangdang compete in the field of free shipping, followed by a large number of B2C electricity supplier platform to build self logistics. At the end of the Christmas, new year’s day, many electronic business platform is to carry out spike, buy and other promotional models.

and Taobao will look to invest in the relatively open November, happy child was so beginning double Eleven: "the November seasonal changes quickly, South North entered into late autumn, winter, consumers need to buy special things, such as thin clothes, you have to change the thickness is thin, even the slippers are for a cotton slippers. At the same time, November without a lot of big festival, October golden week, December and Christmas, are the largest consumption festival time, but not in November November, so consumers both demand and no big event, so we decided to do this thing in November."

2009, double eleven first boarded the stage of history, no later flashing a large screen and beating figures, only 27 brands to participate in the promotion, who participated in the promotion of science and technology at the time of brand Tencent said: "at that time in the brand has no experience, but the final turnover is also good, a lot of participation the merchant’s goods are selling off the goods."

The first two years of

eleven, the final number of 52 million yuan, the highest single store sales is JACK&JONES 5 million.

The eleven

double or even Taobao Ali solo, days after Ali’s biggest rival Jingdong and >

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