Online registration mobile real name dashuipiao nearly 190 thousand investment

August 31st, Haikou Industrial and Commercial Bureau issued a warning in the new field of Internet change rapidly, as ordinary consumers or operators, has invested heavily in the so-called "registered mobile real name" risk, the investment need to be cautious.

Haikou Industrial and Commercial Bureau responsible person, recently Sanya City, Mr. Zhao came to my city, the complaints of industry and commerce, industry and Commerce in the area within the scope of regulation of Hainan Mobile Commerce Technology Co. alleged head of publicity, by paying 192 thousand yuan in net registered "palm", "Vatti" and "Rimula" three "real name", and the British request to help recover the money for it.

after the lawsuit, the British Industrial and commercial law enforcement officers immediately launched an investigation. The company admitted that Mr. Zhao paid 192 thousand yuan to apply for the registration of the above three mobile real name, but Mr. Zhao is voluntary, so do not agree to refund. Law enforcement officers after the investigation, Mr. Zhao’s investment, although there is blindness, but the company is not suspected of investment risk in this new field. In addition, the company also alleged excessive publicity. Eventually, the company returned to Mr. Zhao’s investment.

vigilance network fraud

news (reporter Zheng Wenqiang special correspondent correspondent Wu Pengcheng Wang Hongqiu) in August 31st, the Municipal Public Security Bureau announced that crime means and prevent fraud.

at present, Internet fraud has the following methods of crime: the use of virtual online chat, to cheat cheat feelings finally open, cheat money; provide consumers want to buy to buy goods, the provision of false information, and set traps, cheat money; legal use of electronic business platform, the lease ", release the goods information for consumers, bank card number and password, through the bank transfer network buyers take illegal swallow money; to establish their own web page or website, publish cheap customs confiscation of smuggled commodities such as delivery information, cheat money; provide special products on the network development of members, for membership fee.

police remind, online shopping must be carried out in a regular web site, not free to click on unsafe websites or sell (buy) to provide the link URL for shopping; shopping in the regular site (such as Taobao) must pay the use of Alipay, Alipay refused to not use the seller or the buyer to enter their transactions; the bank card number, customer number and payment password, dynamic passwords and other related confidential personal important information in the non bank "don’t view the online bank accounts; regular consumption list of unknown online consumer to timely query; set up online banking daily consumption amount, the amount is not too large.

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