Shop sales fraud illegal income confiscated

Guangzhou daily news (reporter Li Dalin correspondent Guangdong business) 2014, Guangdong industrial and commercial system in the anti unfair competition law enforcement, continue to increase the intensity of the rectification of false propaganda. In 2014, the province’s industrial and commercial system were investigated in 2685 cases of false propaganda, the value of 890 million yuan, the number of cases increased by 12.51%.

Zhongshan city

Industrial and Commercial Bureau then turn to the city of Hangzhou Industrial and Commercial Bureau clues, false propaganda said in a Zhongshan electric appliance Limited company in the "XX Home Furnishing flagship store sales of substandard products and make misleading to the city of Zhongshan, Industrial and Commercial Bureau then conducted an investigation of the company. After investigation, the company in addition to the five hole production does not meet the GB 2099.3-2008 standard multifunctional socket, in its management of the XX Home Furnishing flagship store on the site of the five hole of the unqualified multifunctional socket "function for more than 13 years sales in the first five holes" misleading propaganda; and through fiction the trading volume in the XX Home Furnishing flagship store on the website of the way the "fake socket monthly sales of 37754 (a)" false sales data.

July 2014, the false propaganda socket in Zhongshan city Industrial and Commercial Bureau ordered the company to stop production, sales do not meet the national standard and made misleading and fictitious transaction volume behavior, and to make administrative punishment 17190 yuan, confiscate the illegal income 810 yuan fine of.

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