VC in the eyes of KM the future of China’s largest apparel retail group

in recent years, the clothing retail industry reshuffle, closed shop tide wave after wave of fierce, was a smash hit provinces cities clothing sales were also established with no exception whatsoever, cliff fall came mostly closed shop, loss, dilemma, acquisition and other negative news and so on. At the same time, foreign luxury brands in China, the eyes can also make money, the era of the end quietly, each of them to take store contraction strategy, and even across the board to close the sales network in china. According to incomplete statistics, last year, 3000 factories and the closure of small and medium enterprises, the domestic apparel profit fell 27%, transformation of the road stumbling, at this store such as the flu ravaged period, can survive is a very wonderful thing.

is known to all, live in the clothing industry, and have a good number of a few fast fashion brand. The best horse in 2015 as the garment industry out of the eyes of VC China largest future clothing retail group – designers fast fashion brand KM, accurately grasp the pulse of the development of the industry, with "fashion and cheap no opposition" as the slogan, continuous introduction of high-quality fashion products, success inspired the young and passionate desire to buy picky. With incredible speed shop, just one year to achieve more than and 200 new stores opened, from only 40 team to do the shop floor effect than their counterparts in 37%, there is no doubt that KM earned pours in the beginning of this year, the company announced plans to complete the 2000 target stores before 2018, the harvest of praise countless lines, sigh, amazing. And prying eyes.

how to make people outside the circle can feel the hot KM, where I find an interesting evidence. In China to see which brand the most fire, to see who is the most popular cottage. KM set up shop at the same time, a number of "cottage shop" for its crazy copy, in the country have emerged, so, KM has become so far the largest number of imitation clothing brands, no one. Of course this for any enterprise, is a troublesome and mixed blessing.

April 10th, KM held a "fast fashion brand designer 2016 KM+ annual festival" will be published in the founder Chen Hao opening speech, said in 2016 that the robust layout, hard skills, 300 new stores, the realization of KM in Chinese main business district overall layout. And the establishment of the country’s four major logistics centers to further reduce costs and accelerate the flow of goods.


KM founder Chen Hao

, according to him, and now China’s economic downturn, in the electricity supplier and foreign brands under the double blow, the proliferation of serious homogenization of the brand, overcapacity, high inventory, triggering the industry is difficult to curb the tide. Today, the arrival of the era of consumers, only seriously do products, only the future, everything is the customer said, you are not good we do not buy your product.

Chen Hao said, if you copy the past traditional clothing retail brand development model, by virtue of

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