Groupon acquisition of Groupon group purchase website into puzzle merger time before

according to the voice of economic reports, market rumors of group purchase originator Groupon has acquired the domestic group purchase website domain name holders of Groupon, really "Li Kui" to "Li Gui" false Zhaoan whirling, experts said that the current valuation of the group purchase site is also very high, and the time is not mature and restructuring.

according to the group of treasure net insiders, Groupon headquarters and mission treasure network company has been to maintain a cooperative discussion, the current group holds two treasure and domain name. Insiders speculate that the acquisition of the Groupon group may be involved in the domain of treasure or acquisition. But Gaopeng said do not understand the situation, and that the acquisition is unlikely. The Groupon official did not respond, has been concerned about the field of China eCapital group purchase Vantage Capitals Ltd founder Wang Ran said the news to make groundless accusations.

Wang Ran: because it is not accurate, I do not comment, not worth commenting on the transaction out again.

five quarter consulting partner Hong Bo said rumors difficult to judge, but the general manager of DCCI Internet data center is unlikely to judge the possibility of Hu Yanping.

Hu Yanping: This is just a personal judgment, because there is no such need, I think a little more hype ingredients.

as everyone knows, under the current domestic situation has thousands of war, Groupon has 368 City coverage, 13 million registered users, but in a strong siege U.S. group, handle network, glutinous rice nets and other senior big, there is no competitive advantage. In the mainstream buy site sales list, only twelfth. On the other hand at the end of last year, 3 days of the group treasure net financing of $2 hundred million, the valuation reached $2 billion. In the domestic group purchase circles, Groupon once mocked as a copycat version of "Groupon", because of its special domain name to register and two group purchase originator, just because the two domain names, Groupon scaled bought expensive Groupon Zhaoan fake "Li Gui", it seems that the hype. What’s more, Groupon has entered into the Chinese market with Tencent.

Hong Bo believes that the current high value of the site to buy, will hinder mergers and acquisitions between the site, but in the future with the choice of market competition, restructuring is a trend.

Hong Bo: the integration will happen, but now a group purchase website valuations are relatively high, the integration of relative cost is relatively large, if the competition after a period of time, then points out the first group and second group, second group valuation will be greatly decreased.

but Hu Yanping is cautious about this integration, he is more inclined to diversify the market.

Hu Yanping: I think there will certainly be a process of survival of the fittest, but in the end from the market point of view must be a diversified, multi-level situation, >

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