Down jacket 10 yuan a package also post exposing the truth of cheap online shopping


high-end department store in a domestic down jacket over ten thousand yuan, while the electricity supplier price of 10 yuan down jacket, coat was everywhere, look at sales as high as tens of thousands of pieces. Is this really true? Can you really get it at a low price?



10 yuan package rare

heard on the Internet 10 yuan will be able to buy coats and down jacket, but the reporter in the electricity supplier website to enter the down jacket and then according to the low order to high prices, the lowest also to $181. To choose a price 0-10 yuan in the price, to do a price limit can be found." According to jump square dance Aunt Chen really found a wise remark of an experienced person, 71 thousand and 800 commodities, many sellers and even the crown level.

Aunt Chen said that many of them have tried to buy such a super low price, although not accounted for cheap, but there is no big loss. "Bought 5 such clothes, received a cargo, the feeling is old clothes. Anyway, not expensive, even if cheated is 10 yuan thing."

is the first time to the end of the year, she accidentally found a 9.9 yuan shipping coat, try holding the mentality of making two pieces, but then the seller has not shipped without hearing a word about, because the money will come back. After 4 attempts to buy this kind of clothing, the results of the same situation for the two time, a business platform suffered a refund, only once in the payment of the day after the receipt of a stain and a small hole in the clothes seventy-second.



shipping time-consuming long repeatedly persuaded to return

started at the beginning of September, reporters use limit search method, the seller randomly from 8 Blue Diamond over there took 8 pieces of prices in the 2~22 yuan between clothes, but so far not received all 7 pieces, because the seller to cancel the transaction or automatic refund system.

"for custom goods, so 60 days after delivery, please bypass reminder……" A two blue diamond shop black coat $9.9 package, this coat model figure, merchandise, details, size, sellers show everything, sales of over 10000, there are 8 evaluation. After the reporter repeatedly urged the delivery of goods, customer service system are automatically reply to the content, roughly as huge sales, according to the order of delivery, if not satisfied can apply for a refund……"

"long delivery time and customer service automatic reply" has become a symbol of these sellers, only one seller in the message after the fifth day of reply to a sentence, "insufficient inventory of goods, it is recommended to apply for a refund". Reporters will add these 8 goods to the shopping cart, there are 6 failures, and even the stores can not find, and the 2 were up to $999 and $249, but also because of the stock can not be photographed.


what exactly these sellers


these sellers so toss what map? Reporter from more senior

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