E commerce companies recruit 1 college students to make up for the government’s 2000 training fee

        the newly introduced e-commerce enterprises nationwide headquarters, district (city) county government can get a one-time subsidy of 3 million yuan. The electronic commerce companies recruit each one in 2008 (inclusive) after graduating from college students, the financial subsidies will be 2000 yuan of special training costs. The day before, "the opinions of Chengdu City e-commerce development funds for the year 2010" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions") introduced the development of e-commerce in Chengdu special funds to support the detail, "is currently scheduled to support funds accounted for the city’s modern service industry to guide capital 1/6, can also increase" according to the enterprise reporting the situation, the Chengdu Daily reporter was informed that the financial incentives for wide range and the intensity of the rare.


city B2B platform charges users

break 20 thousand to award $1 million 500 thousand

according to the opinions, Chengdu will support the district (city) County, the introduction of the domestic industry in the top three or the international industry ranked the top ten comprehensive or professional e-commerce platform enterprises. Among them, the regional headquarters or functional headquarters to introduce new, complete the registration in the report before the deadline, will give a one-time subsidy of 1 million yuan comprehensive; the introduction of the new national headquarters before the deadline to complete the registration, to give a one-time subsidy of 3 million yuan comprehensive. The introduction of the headquarters of the enterprise according to the corresponding standards to pay half of the tax paid.

Chengdu will also focus on the city’s e-commerce B2C platform and e-commerce platform to support B2B funds. Among them, the B2C platform of the city’s e-commerce annual sales revenue exceeded 10 million yuan, 30 million yuan, 50 million yuan or B2B platform charge registered users for the first time in 5000, 10 thousand, 20 thousand, respectively, according to 500 thousand yuan, 1 million yuan, 1 million 500 thousand yuan reward. B2C e-commerce platform for enterprises to entrust the third party logistics enterprises to complete the distribution of their insured logistics insurance costs to give a grant of 50%.

in the electronic commerce enterprise excellence support, Chengdu for the year 2010 won the national recognition of the outstanding e-commerce enterprises, will be given 100 thousand yuan reward; for the year 2010 won the outstanding e-commerce enterprises in recognition of province or city to give 50 thousand yuan reward. In addition, the city’s e-commerce companies to introduce or integrate national R & D center, the national industry information center or index publishing institutions, will receive 200 thousand yuan reward.

platform is not limited to the company for the first time to join

will be able to fill half the service fee

Chengdu Business Daily reporter was informed that, in the opinion, the popularity and application of e-commerce, financial incentives unprecedented. Among them, as long as the city in line with the layout of the commodity market planning, commercial network development planning and development of professional services market planning (store), its online real transaction >

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