LETV announced to enter the automotive electricity supplier future LePar line shop will sell cars

sina science and technology news on April 28th at noon news, this morning, as the music ecological O2O strategic conference held at the Beijing auto show, the music as the show recently released LeSEE concept car. Music also announced that it will enter the field of automotive electricity supplier, the next line of LePar stores will sell music as a car.

conference, LETV announced that former vice president LePar Zhang Zhiwei was holding sales of music as ecological O2O sales platform president, responsible for O2O business overall strategic planning and business management, report to Jia Yueting.

music as the ecological O2O platform will be LeMall, Jingdong third Tmall flagship store, LePar, the official flagship store line of sight and other sales system to open up their own, to achieve the full flow of user touch. Music as ecological O2O will also order flow, information flow, logistics, service flow, capital flow from online to offline integration open.

Zhang Zhiwei in an interview with sina science and technology, said the music also announced in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Wuhan and other capital cities to build more than one thousand square meters of the official flagship store experience.

LETV also announced the MFL strategy (Make for LeEco), the independent research and development and manufacturing cooperation certification product introduction coexist, through big data analysis of user needs, customized products for users and traffic, to raise the sales model by the public.

music as ecological O2O sales platform for senior vice president Zhao Yicheng in an interview with Sina Technology, introduced to the future, in addition to the large screen mobile phone industry layout and ecology, as the music store layout will be auto ecological construction car business day, at the same time through the LePar line shop sales, improve the automobile electricity supplier O2O experience.

Zhao Yicheng also said that as the mall will not be in the future as SKU and Jingdong, Tmall and other platforms to compete, but will upgrade the product and service experience.

Zhao Yicheng said that through the MFL strategy to expand the product category, the future will be online and offline product sales, improve the O2O experience.

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