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with double 11 feet is approaching, all brands are actively preparing for, and in October 20th, the Alibaba announced this year’s double eleven from the original 24 hours will be extended to 24 days, but most of the "hand chop party did not adapt to this change. On the contrary, businesses have been suppressed in the "field force", according to the reports, 21, major brands have moved into the pre-sale period, and at the beginning of the pre-sale day have a beauty brand sale quantity powu digits, this small target usually can not so easily reached "". Some people say that this is the magic of eleven, but how to use the right marketing practices is obviously more important.


sale as one of the vendors common marketing practices, many people have to understand, but it seems that only stay on the surface of the understanding of how to use the pre-sale for the operation of enterprises, production and marketing play a role is not clear. Easy to sell is the first sale of reproduction, a little brush credit card meaning, through incentives to stimulate consumer spending in advance. Many businesses are often encountered in the operation of such a problem: the production of the product sales are not as expected, resulting in excess production, time consuming and finally earned only a stock. Some products have a relatively long production cycle, after the production has been found to be not suitable for market demand. And through the sale of enterprises in the new market and the sale to test the market for acceptance of the product and acceptance, as a reference standard to determine the product in the production plan, through the sale can be the first to grasp the market demand information, to avoid the waste of resources, at the same time to raise the deposit can be used as production cost reducing the pressure on enterprise funds.

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, the pre-sale mode, is generally involved in the pre-sale purchase price of the product than the product launch market have a certain price, this is the pre-sale to bring sales and traffic is a very important reason in a short time. Micronet micro network pre-sale mode is divided into two kinds, booking and reservation. Make an appointment, in which consumers can sign up for a product, but the product will only reach the number of businesses set ultimately successful appointment and production, this is very advantageous for some larger production costs businesses, businesses through product pre exposure, so as to collect data of product market reaction, production according to market demand, to avoid the subjective phenomenon and the waste of resources. The second is a reservation, the consumer of the pre-sale of the product to implement a phased payment, the first payment of a small deposit, the remaining amount of money can be paid to the merchant in the time set. Consumers can also choose to pay the full amount of pre-sale products, but the product is still to wait until after the production of the merchant to get the hand. These two ways to provide sufficient time for the seller, while effective control of product inventory, to achieve rapid adjustment of product marketing programs.

combined with Micronet micro network triple play model, businesses can also initiate multi-channel marketing activities, the entire marketing coverage to more than

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